Upcoming Events

» ASLI Fellow Seminar: A New Era for National Reform on Anti-Corruption and Misconduct of Thailand by Professor Vicha Mahakun on 24 April 2018
» NUS-SMU-KAS Public Workshop on Constitutionalism and Development in Asia on 25 April 2018
» Institutional Investor Stewardship in the UK and Malaysia: Functionally Similar, Contextually Different (By invitation only) by Petrina Tan on 27 April 2018
» CALS Seminar - The Concept of Rule of Law in a Civil Law System: A German Perspective by Associate Professor Birgit Daiber on 30 April 2018
» CALS Seminar - Pragmatic Confucian Democracy by Professor Kim Sungmoon on 2 May 2018
» CALS Roundtable on Public Reason Confucianism: Democratic Perfectionism and Constitutionalism in East Asia on 3 May 2018
» 15th Asian Law Institute Conference, Law into the Future: Perspectives from Asia, 10-11 May 2018
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series, "Recent Developments in English Insurance and Marine Insurance Law" by Dr Özlem Gürses on 11 May 2018
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series, "Due Diligence Under the Hague Rules in the Technological Era" by Dr Víctor H. Chacón on 22 May 2018
» Climate Change Litigation Scholarship Workshop (CALL FOR PAPERS),7-8 June 2018
» The Project Finance Academy on 4-6 July 2018
» Third World Approaches to International Law Conference (TWAIL Singapore), 19 to 21 July 2018
» Call for Papers - Asian Journal of Comparative Law would like to invite submissions for its 2018 Issue.
» Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration
» Continuing Legal Education Auditing Programme