Upcoming Events

» Seminar - Sport Law and Ambush Marketing: Review and Law Reform by Mr. Paul A Czarnota on 14 August 2018
» CALS Law & Religion Speaker Series: Shari'a as Taboo of Modern Law: Halal Food, Islamophobia, and China by Associate Professor Matthew Erie on 14 August 2018
» CALS Comparative Constitutional & Administrative Law Seminar Series: India's Right to Privacy: Comparative Perspectives on Textual Foundations and Gendered Implications by Dr. Juliette G. Duara on 15 August 2018
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitor Lecture: Arguing The World: A Logocratic Explanation Of "Post-Truth" Law And Politics by Professor Scott Brewer on 16 August 2018
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series, "The Endorsement of Bills of Lading" by Associate Professor Michiel Spanjaart on 16 August 2018
» CALS Seminar - The Jurisprudence of Decolonization: The Kenyatta Trial and Genealogies of Rebellious Lawyering in Asia and Africa by Dr. Rohit De on 16 August 2018
» Distinguished Visitor Lecture 2018 - The Roles of the European Central Bank: Monetary Policy and Supervision by Professor Dr Chiara Zilioli on 20 August 2018
» Introduction to Competition Law (Second Run), 20-21, 27-28 August 2018
» CALS Seminar - The Legal Construction of the Ocean by Dr. Surabhi Ranganathan on 20 August 2018
» CALS Seminar - China's Belt and Road Development and Developing World of Arbitration in the Asia Pacific by Associate Professor Gu Weixia on 21 August 2018
» Seminar on "Mistake, Non Est Factum and Rectification" by Professor Teo Keang Sood on 23 August 2018
» CBFL Seminar Series - Cyber-currencies as Property by Visiting Professor David Fox on 23 August 2018
» CBFL Seminar Series - Mis-selling of Financial Products: Recent Developments by Visiting Associate Professor Christopher Hare on 28 August 2018
» Centre for Maritime Law Seminar Series, "Decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas Installations: Emerging Legal, Regulatory and Fiscal Lessons from the UK Continental Shelf" by Professor John Paterson on 30 August 2018
» CALS Comparative Constitutional & Administrative Law Research Cluster: Roundtable on Topics in Comparative Constitutional Law in Asia by Assistant Professor Swati Jhaveri & Adjunct Professor Kevin Tan on 30 August 2018
» CALS-EWBCLB Comparative Corporate Law and Governance Speaker Series: The (Re)introduction of Dual-Class Share Structures in Hong Kong: A Historical and Comparative Analysis by Professor Robin Huang on 31 August 2018
» CALS Seminar - Citizenship Regimes: Understanding Citizenship in Global and Asian Perspectives by Professor Jo Shaw on 7 September 2018
» CALS-EWBCLB Distinguished Speaker Series: China as a "National Strategic Buyer" Towards a Multilateral Regime for Cross-Border M&A by Professor Curtis J. Milhaupt on 11 September 2018
» Cameron Highlands Floods: A Case for the Environment, 12 September 2018
» Seminar on "Resulting Trusts And Beneficial Entitlement To Joint Bank Accounts" by Sheridan Fellow Jeremiah Lau on 18 September 2018
» Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitor Lecture: The Future Of The Separation Of Powers by Professor Mark Tushnet on 20 September 2018
» The Sixth Asia Environment Lecture 2018 - “Financial Innovation: The Convergence of Environment and Finance”, Monday, 8 October 2018
» The Forest and its Biodiversity: Assessing Challenges and Prospects in the Implementation of Biodiversity Laws in Indonesia, 12 October 2018
» The International Law on Climate Change: The Sources and Their Interactions, 5 November 2018
» Special Issue of Climate Law: Legal Assessment of the Paris Agreement’s Implementation Rules (Paris Rulebook) – Call for Expressions of Interest, 24 – 25 January 2019
» Call for Papers - Asian Journal of Comparative Law would like to invite submissions for its 2018 Issue.
» Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration
» Continuing Legal Education Auditing Programme