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Recent Staff Publications
May 2019

Professor Chesterman, Simon
"Article 92 UN Charter" in Andreas Zimmermann and Christian J. Tams eds., The Statute of the International Court of Justice:A Commentary (3rd ed, co-author: Karin Oellers-Frahm, Oxford University Press, 2019) 208-222

"Article 1" in Andreas Zimmermann and Christian J. Tams eds., The Statute of the International Court of Justice:A Commentary (3rd ed, co-author: Vera Gowlland-Debbas, Oxford University Press, 2019) 279-288

Professor Halpin, Andrew
"Repackaging Normativity" JOTWELL (May 10, 2019) (reviewing Triantafyllos Gkouvas, The Metric Approach to Legal Normativity, in Unpacking Normativity (Kenneth Einar Himma, Miodrag Jovanovic & Bojan Spaic, eds. 2018))

Professor Harding, Andrew James
"Constitutional Amendment and Problems of Transition in Myanmar" (2019) 14(1) Journal of Comparative Law 157-172

Professor Ho Hock Lai
"How Plausible is the Relative Plausibility Theory of Proof?" (2019) 23 International Journal of Evidence and Proof 191-197

Assistant Professor Hofmann Christian
"Crowdfunding - Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges" in Gina Gioia ed., Casting Light on Climate Change (Edizioni ETS, 2019) 61-73

Assistant Professor Jhaveri Swati
"Administrative Law in Singapore: Recent Developments and Looking Ahead" (2019) May The Singapore Law Gazette 1-9

Mr Khoo Chian Yian, Kenneth
"Singapore's Competition Regime and its Objectives: The Case Against Formalism" [2019] Sing JLS 67-107 (with Allen Sng)

Associate Professor Lye Lin-Heng, Irene
"Singapore - A Case-Study on Effective Environmental Law & Management" in E. Lees & J. E. Vinuales (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Environmental Law (Oxford University Press, 2019) 297-314

Associate Professor Neo Ling Chien, Jaclyn
"Making the Singapore Constitution: Amendments as Constitution-Making" (2019) 14(1) Journal of Comparative Law 72-93 (with Andrea Hui Xian Ong)

"Expanding the Universe of Comparative Constitutional Amendment in Southeast Asia" (2019) 14(1) Journal of Comparative Law 46-55

Professor Stone Sweet Alec
Proportionality Balancing and Constitutional Governance: A Comparative and Global Approach (co-author: Jud Mathews, Oxford University Press, 2019)

Mr Tan Justin Jerzy
"Proximity as Reasonable Expectations" [2019] Sing JLS 147-176

Adjunct Professor Tan Kevin Y L
Books Edited
Constitutional Foundings in Southeast Asia (co-editor: Bui Ngoc Son, Hart Publishing, 2019)

Professor Tan Yock Lin
"Liability of Servant for Criminal Breach of Trust: An Exercise in Hermeneutics" [2019] Sing JLS177

Professor Thio Li-ann
"Singapore Relational Constitutionalism: The 'Living Institution' and the Project of Religious Harmony" [2019] Sing JLS 204-234

Professor Tjio Hans
"Merrill and Smith's Intermediate Rights Lying Between Contract and Property: Are Singapore Trusts and Secured Transactions Drifting Away from English Law Towards American law?" [2019] Sing JLS 235

Associate Professor Wang Jiangyu
"China's Governance Approach to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Relations, Partnership, and Law" (2019) 14(5) Global Trade and Customs Journal 222228

Associate Professor Wong Siew Yin, Eleanor
Books Edited
Modern Advocacy - More Perspectives from Singapore (co-editors: Lok Vi Ming SC and The Honourable Justice Vinodh Coomaraswamy, Academy Publishing, 2019)