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Recent Staff Publications
January 2017

Associate Professor Beckman, Robert Charles
"Non-living Resources in Disputed Areas in the East China Sea: Law and Policy Issues concerning Provisional Arrangements under the UNCLOS" in Keyuan Zou ed., Sustainable Development and the Law of the Sea (Leiden: Brill, 2017) (with Tara Davenport)

"China's 'Island-Building' in the South China Sea: Implications for Regional Security" (Canberra: Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific, 2017) 40-42

Professor Chesterman, Simon
"Asia's Ambivalence About International Law & Institutions: Past, Present, and Futures" (2017) 27 no. 4 European Journal of International Law 945-978

"Leading the United Nations: A Secretary or a General?" in Julian Junk, Francesco Mancini, Wolfgang Seibel, Till Blume eds., The Management of UN Peacekeeping (Boulder: Lynne Rienner, 2017) (with Thomas M. Franck) 289-300

Professor Harding, Andrew James
Books Edited
Constitutionalism and Legal Change in Myanmar (Oxford: Hart Publishing/Bloomsbury, 2017) (with Khin Khin Oo)

Assistant Professor Ho Qing Ying, Jean
"Investment Protection Under Successive Treaties" (2017) 32, no. 1 , ICSID Review - Foreign Investment Law Journal 58-91

Associate Professor Lee Tye Beng, Joel
Conference Papers
"Preparing for Negotiations" (Paper presented at the Lex Infinitum 2017, 11-14 January 2017, GOA, India

"Face, Communication, Belonging and Status" (Paper presented at the Lex Infinitum 2017, 11-14 January 2017, GOA, India

Assistant Professor Lin Lin
"Venture Capital Exits and the Structure of Stock Markets: Lessons from China" (2017) 12 no. 1, Asian Journal of Comparative Law 1-40

Associate Professor Ng Siew Kuan, Elizabeth
Conference Papers
"Global Developments in Patent Law in the year 2016: US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada & Singapore" (Invited paper presented at the IP Academy 4th Development in IP Law Series, 12 Jan 2017, Carlton Hotel, Singapore)

Professor Simester, A.P.
"Accessory Liability and Common Unlawful Purposes" (2017) 133 no. 1 Law Quarterly Review 73-90