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Recent Staff Publications
April 2018

Professor Bridge Michael Greenhalgh
"Effects of Avoidance" in Kroll S, Viscasillas PP & Mistelis L eds., UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods: A Commentary (2nd edn, Hart Publishing, 2018) 1090-1128

Professor Girvin, Stephen D
"Company Investigations" in Geoffrey Morse ed., Palmer's Company Law Vol 2 (Sweet & Maxwell, 2018) 10005-10050

"Membership" in Geoffrey Morse ed., Palmer's Company Law Vol 2 (Sweet & Maxwell, 2018) 7005-7513

Professor Halpin, Andrew
Conference Papers
"Exploring a uniform deontic operator, with assistance from Bentham" (Paper presented at the Bentham and the Arts seminar series, 25 April 2018, University College London, London)

Professor Harding, Andrew James
"Five-foot ways as public and private domain in Singapore and beyond" (2018) 10(1) Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law 36-55

Assistant Professor Ho Qing Ying, Jean
International Investment Law and Arbitration: Commentary, Awards and other Materials (Cambridge University Press 2018) (with Lim Chin Leng and Martins Paparinskis)

Associate Professor Lin Jolene
Academic Blog Posts
"The shipping sector is finally on board in the fight against climate change" ( The Conversation, 18 April 2018) (with Beatriz Garcia)

Assistant Professor Lin Lin
Conference Papers
"Private Equity in Singapore: A Critical Analysis" (Paper presented at the Symposium on Hedge Funds and Alternative Investment Funds in Hong Kong and Singapore, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 20 April 2018)

Assistant Professor Tan Zhong Xing
"Deconstructing the Internal Point of View in Contract Law and Theory" (2018) 34(3) Journal of Contract Law 260-281

Associate Professor Wang Jiangyu
Conference Papers
"Power Transition in Rule-making and Norm-creation in International Economic Law: From Great Britain to the United States, and from the United States to China?" (Paper presented at the Gonzaga Journal of International Law Annual Symposium: American Leadership in the World, Spokane, 13 April 2018, WA, USA)

"High Risks of US-China Conflict but no Cold War"Lianhe Zaobao (In Chinese, Singapore, 25 April 2018)