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Recent Staff Publications
October 2018

Professor Girvin, Stephen D
Conference Papers
"The Rotterdam Rules: a tenth anniversary overview and comparison" (Paper presented at the The Ninth International Conference on Maritime Law, 29 October 2018, Shanghai, China)

Assistant Professor Ho Qing Ying, Jean
State Responsibility for Breaches of Investment Contracts (Cambridge University Press, 2018)

Associate Professor Jamal Arif A
Shorter Articles
"Religion and Constitutional Practices in Asia: Five Cs for Reflection" (2018) 13(2) Asian Journal of Comparative Law

Assistant Professor Jhaveri Swati
Shorter Articles
"Introduction to special issue" (2018) 2 Indian Law Review 1-4

Conference Papers
"Towards a Theory of Executive Constitutionalism - An Asian Perspective" (Paper presented at the Public Law Discussion Group, 16 October 2018, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, United Kingdom)

Professor Leong Wai Kum
"Back to the Future: The 2017 amendments of the power to divide matrimonial assets" [2018] Journal of Malaysian Judiciary 171-192

Assistant Professor Leow Rachel
"Enforcing Unjust Enrichment Rights: The Recovery of Mistaken Payments in Practice" [2018] Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 22-42

Assistant Professor Lin Lin
Conference Papers
"The Rise and Fall of Equity Crowdfunding in China" (Invited Paper presented at The 4th Luxembourg FinTech conference, 10 October 2018, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

"The Code of Corporate Governance: Lessons from Singapore to China" (Invited Paper presented at the 18th International Conference of 21st Century Commercial Law Forum, 27 October 2018, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)

Professor Ng-Loy Wee Loon
"Commentary on 'Image Rights and Other Orthodox Forms of Intellectual Property'" in Rochelle Cooper Dreyfuss and Elizabeth Siew-Kuan Ng eds., Framing Intellectual Property Law in the 21st Century (Cambridge University Press, 2018) 318-321

Professor Pinsler, Jeffrey, S.C.
"Witness Preparation before Trial - What the Rules of Ethics Do Not Say" (2018) Singapore Academy of Law Journal

Professor Tan Cheng Han, S.C.
"Agency Reasoning - A Formula or a Tool?" [2018] Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 57-84 (with Francis Reynolds)

Professor Tan Yock Lin
"Liability of Directors for Criminal Breach of Trust: Recovering a Lost Interpretation" [2018] Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 57-84

Professor Teo Keang Sood
"Disposal of Common Property in Strata Schemes" [2018] Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 85-103

Associate Professor Wang Jiangyu
"Power Transition, Battle of Models, and Rule-based International Order: Sino-U.S. Relations from the Perspectives of International Relations and International Law" (2018) 5 China Law Review 3-17 (in Chinese)

Mr Wong YongQuan, Benjamin
Book Reviews
Review of 'Data Protection Law in Singapore: Privacy and Sovereignty in an Interconnected World (Second Edition)' by Simon Chesterman(ed.) [2018] Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 167-169