Assistant Professor

D.Phil (Philosophy) (Oxford), M.Phil Stud., M.A. (Philosophy) (London), Ph.D. (Cambridge), BCL (Oxford), M.A. (Cambridge), Barrister (Lincoln's Inn)

Deputy Director, Centre for Legal Theory
Associate, CALS
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Office Tel: (65) 6601 3044 
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Office Address

Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
Eu Tong Sen Building
469G Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259776
Research Interests

Legal Philosophy
Criminal Law

Subjects Taught

Introduction to Legal Theory
Legal Reasoning & Legal Theory
Criminal Law

Brief Biodata

Mark was a Postdoctoral Fellow at NUS Law in academic year 2011-12, and joined NUS Law as an Assistant Professor in August 2012. He holds advanced degrees in Law and in Philosophy.

He has published work on diverse topics, including the nature of law in general, the goal or aim of legal proof, the relationship between justifications and excuses in the criminal law, the nature of practical authority, the nature of practical reasons, and the doctrine of double effect.

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Representative Publications

1. (2013) "Kearns and Star on Reasons as Evidence." Analytic Philosophy.

2. (2011) "Raz on the Internal Point of View." Legal Theory 17: 227-236.

3. (2011) "Justifications and Excuses: Mutually Exclusive?" Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy. (June, 5 pages)

4. (2011) "Reply to Pardo: Unsafe Legal Knowledge?" Legal Theory 17: 67-73.

5. (2011) "Darwall Versus Raz on Practical Authority." Public Reason 3: 73-78.

6. (2010) "A Challenge for New Defenders of the Doctrine of Double Effect." Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy. (August, 6 pages)

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