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The NUS Law school's academic staff is internationally recognized as leaders in their fields. Our academics draw on their legal scholarship and professional engagements to deliver challenging and intellectually stimulating courses.

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Jolene LIN
Associate Professor

Ph.D. (Erasmus University Rotterdam); LL.M. (NYU); LL.B. (LSE); Advocate and Solicitor (Singapore) 

LAI Tze Chang, Stanley, SC
Adjunct Professor

LL.B. (Hons) (Leicester University), LL.M. (Cantab), Ph.D. (Cantab), Barrister at Law (Lincoln's Inn), Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore 

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ph.D. (ANU), MA Human Rights Practice (Roehampton, Gothenburg and Tromso), MA Pub.Ad (ICU), LL.B. and B.A. Philosophy (UP) 

LAN Luh Luh
Associate Professor

Ph.D. (NUS), LL.M. (Cambridge), LL.B. (NUS) Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore) 

LAU Jia Jun, Jeremiah
Sheridan Fellow

LL.B. (First Class Hons) (NUS), Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore) 

LEE Ching Ling, Yvonne
Adjunct Associate Professor

LL.M. (Michigan), LL.B. (NUS), Attorney & Counsellor (New York State), Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore) 

LEE Ivan
Sheridan Fellow

LL.M. (Legal History) (UCL), LL.B. (First Class Hons) (NUS) 

LEE Kevin
Adjunct Lecturer

LL.M. (Cambridge), LL.B. (NUS), Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore) 

LEE Peng Khoon, Edwin
Adjunct Associate Professor

LL.B. (NUS), M.Sc (Real Estate Development), Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore) 

LEE Tye Beng, Joel

DCH (AIH), LL.M. (Harvard), LL.B. (Wellington), Solicitor & Barrister (New Zealand), Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore) 

LEE Yen Kee, Ruby
Associate Professor

LL.M. (LSE) , LL.B. (Hons) (NUS) , Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore 

LEONG Chan Foo, James
Adjunct Associate Professor

B.Acc (Hons),
Fellow Certified Public Accountant Singapore,
Chartered Accountant (Australia & Malaysia) 

LEONG Hoi Seng, Victor
Legal Skills Programme
LL.B. (NUS) 


LL.M. (Harvard), LL.B. (Malaya), Advocate & Solicitor (Malaya) 

LEOW Rachel
Assistant Professor

Ph.D, LL.M. (Cambridge); LL.B. (NUS) 

LIAU Timothy
Sheridan Fellow

MPhil, BCL (Oxford), LLB (NUS) 

LIM Lei Theng
Associate Professor

LL.M. (Harvard), LL.B. (NUS) 

LIM Lei Theng
Legal Skills Programme
Deputy Director
LL.M. (Harvard), LL.B. (NUS) 

LIM Tao Shien Marcus
Part-Time Tutor


LIM Wee Kuan Ernest
Associate Professor

B.C.L. (Oxford), LL.M. (Harvard), LL.B. (NUS) Attorney, New York State; Solicitor, England and Wales; Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore 

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (NUS), LL.M. (NUS), LL.B. (GDUFS) 

LOI Kelry
Associate Professor

LL.M. (London); LL.B. (Hons.) (NUS) 

LYE Lin-Heng, Irene
Associate Professor

LL.M. (Harvard), LL.M. (London), LL.B. (Singapore), Advocate & Solicitor (Singapore)