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The NUS Law school's academic staff is internationally recognized as leaders in their fields. Our academics draw on their legal scholarship and professional engagements to deliver challenging and intellectually stimulating courses.

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FANG Meng (Mandy)
Post-Doctoral Fellow

PhD (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); LLM (University College London); Bachelor of Laws (Chongqing University); Bachelor of Management (Chongqing University) 

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ph.D. (ANU), MA Human Rights Practice (Roehampton, Gothenburg and Tromso), MA Pub.Ad (ICU), LL.B. and B.A. Philosophy (UP) 

MEJA-LEMOS Diego Germn
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ph.D., LL.M. (NUS), LL.M. (NYU), PGDip, LL.B. (UNAL), Abogado (Colombia) 

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Doctor of the Science of Law (JSD) 

SPINA AL Gabriele
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Hong Kong Master of Laws, The University of Catania 

TIOJANCO Bryan Dennis G.
Post-Doctoral Fellow

J.S.D., LL.M., J.D. 

XU Jingchen
Post-Doctoral Fellow

S.J.D. (Tulane University Law School), LL.M. in Admiralty with distinction (Tulane University Law School), LL.B. (Dalian Maritime University), New York State Licensed Attorney, Registration No. 5429014, People's Republic of China Legal Professional Qualification Certificate