Perfect Information (PI) - Filings Expert & Debt Expert

Filings Expert is a Global corporate finance and capital markets database which has specialized in providing listed company filings (prospectuses, offering circulars, announcements, annual reports etc.) for equity, M & A and debt for the last 24 years.

PI allows law students, legal researchers and legal users to efficiently search and locate the following:

» access over 2000 section searches (e.g. risk factor, covenant, selling restrictions, governing law, negative pledge etc. ) in one platform
» access an unparalleled collection of international prospectuses by company name, industry sector, by stock exchange, by Corporate action etc.
» instant view on companies' entire Equity, debt and M & A history
» search thousands of precedents
» access to the market's largest collection of international 144a filings
» Use word format documents to draft the prospectuses
» Quickly locate OC/Bonds Prospectuses by different industry sector
» Track other law firm's deal
» Asia Pacific Shareholder Filings
» New collection of Investor/Management Presentations of listed companies world-wide
» Global Annual Report & Accounts

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