Student Profile

Each year, about 240 students graduate from the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Honours programme, which is the standard route to enter the legal profession in Singapore. The majority of students do the LLB programme in four years, but students with a first degree in another discipline are allowed to complete the course in three years. The Faculty also offers a number of double degree programmes combining law and economics, business, public policy and life sciences.  

Admission to the Singapore legal profession is generally limited to the Faculty’s LLB programme graduates. Graduate qualifications (eg LLM, PhD) obtained from the Faculty do not in themselves qualify holders for admission to the legal profession in Singapore.

The Law Faculty currently hosts about 1000 undergraduate and 200 graduate students. Around 10% of the undergraduate students and more than 90% of the graduate students are international students. Our graduate students come from more than 35 countries in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Oceania. Local and overseas students all enjoy a world class education at subsidised fees. Fees are currently being reviewed and may be raised in the near future.