Visiting Professors in Semester 2, Academic Year 2006-2007

The Faculty warmly welcomes the following Visiting Professors for Semester 2 of AY 2006-07:


Adrian Briggs
International Commercial Litigation & International Trusts

Professor Briggs is a Professor of Private International Law in the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford. He specializes in Conflict of Laws, and within that, in questions of civil jurisdiction and the recognition of foreign judgments. Professor Briggs will assist in the teaching of both International Commercial Litigation and International Trusts.


Ago Shin-Ichi
International Labour Law

Professor Ago is a Professor of International Economic Law at the Faculty of Law, Kyushu University in Japan. He is also a member of the Board of Governors of the Asian Law Institute (ASLI), a network of Asian law schools physically based in the NUS Faculty of Law. He will teach an intensive course on International Labour Law.


Daniel Fitzpatrick
Land, Law & Development in Asia

Dr Fitzpatrick is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of Australian National University (ANU), where he teaches Contract Law, Property Law and Indonesian Law. Dr Fitzpatrick has been with ANU since 1998 and became an Associate Professor in 2006. Dr Fitzpatrick taught Contract Law and Principles of Property Law in Semester 1. In Semester 2, he will offer an elective, Land, Law & Development in Asia.


David Dyzenhaus
Emergencies and Legal Theory

Professor David Dyzenhaus is a Professor of Law and Philosophy, as well as Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) at the University of Toronto. He is also a Global Visiting Professor at NYU Law School and in 2006 was the Herbert Smith Visiting Fellow in the Cambridge Law Faculty and a Visiting Scholar at Pembroke College, Cambridge. He will teach an intensive course, Emergencies and Legal Theory.


Francis Reynolds
Carriage of Goods by Sea

Professor Reynolds is a Professor Emeritus at Oxford University. He is an expert in contract law, commercial law, and conflicts of law. Professor Reynolds will return to the Faculty of Law to teach Carriage of Goods by Sea.


Geoffrey Morse
Comparative Takeover Regulations

Professor Morse is a Professor of Corporate and Tax Law at the University of Birmingham. He was previously a Professor of Company Law at the University of Nottingham. His research and teaching interests are in the fields of corporate, partnership and tax law. He returns to the Faculty of Law to teach an intensive course, Corporate Takeover Regulations.


Gerard McCormack
Equity & Trusts

Professor McCormack is a Professor of Law at the University of Manchester where he teaches and conducts research in the areas of equity and trusts, company law, the law of credit and security and bank regulation. Professor McCormack is co-teaching Equity and Trusts and will offer a new module on Secured Credit and Corporate Rescue.


Ian Holloway Comparative Administrative Law

Professor Ian Holloway is a Professor and Dean of Law at the University of Western Ontario, where he specializes in administrative law. He previously taught in Australia at the Australian National University, where he also served as Associate Dean. Professor Holloway will teach a new module, Comparative Administrative Law.


Jianfu Chen
Law & Society in China

Professor Chen is a Professor of Law at LaTrobe University in Australia. He received his LLB in China, and his LLM and PhD from the University of Sydney. Prof Chen is a leading scholar on Chinese Law and is the author of 10 books on the subject. Professor Chen will teach a course on Legal Development in China.


Margo Bagley
International Patent Law & Policy

Margo Bagley is a Professor of Law at the University of Virginia School of Law, where she specializes in the law of intellectual property. Professor Bagley is widely-published and has qualifications in chemical engineering and law. She will teach an intensive course, International Patent Law and Policy, in Semester 2.


Reto M. Hilty
Topics in IP Law

Professor Hilty is Managing Director of the Max Planck Institute for IP Competition and Tax Law and a Professor of Law at Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. He also holds an additional position as Professor of Law at University of Zurich. His fields of research are contract law relating to intellectual property, competition law and intellectual property, fundamental questions concerning protective rights and new technologies, and international harmonization of protective rights. He will teach an intensive course, Topics in IP Law as the Yong Shook Lin Professor of Intellectual Property Law.


European Union Law Team

Prof Joseph H.H. Weiler is University Professor and holder of the Jean Monnet Chair at the New York University (NYU) School of Law. He serves as Chairman of the NYU Global Law School Program and is Director of the Jean Monnet Center for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice. He is also an Honorary Professor at London University and the University of Copenhagen. He writes in the fields of International Law, the Law of the European Union, and Comparative Constitutional Law.

Imola Streho, the Coordinator of the team. She is référendaire in the cabinet of the Estonian Judge and previously worked in the cabinet of the French Advocate General at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. She has taught at University of Paris II (Assas - Institut des Hautes Etudes Internationales), the Central European University in Budapest, the University of Melbourne, and here at the NUS Faculty of Law. She writes in the field of EU law.

José M. de Areilza is Professor of European Union Law and Vice Dean of Legal Studies at Instituto de Empresa, Madrid. Between 1996 and 2000 he was Advisor on European Affairs at the Spanish Prime Minister's Office. During 2002, he advised the Spanish Government Representative at the European Convention. His research focuses on European institutions, flexibility and EU-Member States competences.

Damian Chalmers is a Professor in EU law at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Prior to that he was a lecturer at the University of Liverpool, and was for four years on the Management Committee of the AIRE Centre. He has held Visiting Appointments at the College of Europe, Copenhagen, Lund, Helsinki, Michigan, Instituto de Empresa and Fudan (PRC).