Visiting Professors in Semester 2, Academic Year 2010-2011

The Faculty warmly welcomes the following Visiting Professors for Semester 2 of AY 2010-11:


Margo A BAGLEY (LL4135/LL5135/LL6135 International Patent Law & Policy)
Visiting Professor
Visiting period: 10-26 January 2011

Office : FED #02-05
Tel No : 6516 4273
User ID : lawv114

Professor Bagley is a Professor of Law at the School of Law of University of Virginia, where she specializes in the law of intellectual property. She was formerly an Assistant Professor of Law at Emory University (1999) and a Visiting Professor of Law at Washington & Lee University School of Law (2001). She has also taught international patent law and policy courses in Germany and China.


Neil B BOISTER (LL4207/LL5207/LL6207 Transnational Criminal Law)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 11-28 January 2011

Office : ETS #02-02
Tel No : (65) 6516 7614
User ID : lawv115

Professor Boister is a Professor of School of Law in University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He has a PhD from University of Nottingham and a LLM, LLB and BA from University of Natal, South Africa. He is currently an Expert Consultant to the New Zealand Drug Foundation, a Consultant to the Framework Alliance on Tobacco Control and a Consultant to the Fiji Law Reform Commission.


DANG Xuan Hop (LL4180/LL5180/LLD5180/LL6180 Choice of Law for International
Contracts in Asia, LL4118/LL5118/LL6118 Foreign Investment Law in Asia)
Visiting Senior Fellow

Visiting Period: 10-29 January 2011
Office : FED #02-29
Tel No : (65) 6516 4107
User ID : lawdang

Professor Dang has been a Visiting Senior Fellow in our Faculty since AY 2004-2005 and has returned annually to teach modules on Vietnamese Law. He has an LLB from Vietnam as well as an LLB from Bond University. He also holds an LLM from Melbourne and pursuing his PhD at Oxford. Mr Dang has several years of experience in international commercial practice with a top Australian law firm. Hop Dang is recognized as one of only 2 Vietnamese lawyer/scholars who are qualified to teach at NUS.


Simone DEGELING (LL4051/LL5051/LL6051 Principles of Restitution)
Visiting Associate Professor
Visiting period: 11-28 January 2011

Office : ETS #02-16
Tel No : (65) 6516 4277
User ID : lawv113

Professor Degeling is an Associate Professor of Faculty of Law in University of New South Wales. She has a BCom and a LLM from University of New South Wales, a LLM from University College London and a DPhil from University of Oxford.


Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 4 January-12 February 2011

Office : ETS #02-24
Tel No : (65) 6516 5416
User ID : NUSV10029

Professor Dworkin has been actively involved in academic and professional activities in intellectual property matters for over thirty years. He has held, amongst other professorial posts, the Herchel Smith Chair in Intellectual Property Law in the University of London where he designed and taught a number of different undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He has also taught at many other universities in Europe, Australia, the USA and Singapore; participated in WIPO and other course and conferences; and provided in-house courses for legal and other professional groups. He has written widely on intellectual property and related matters.

Professor Dworkin will be lecturing in the Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law course, jointly organised by the IP Academy and the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, during his visit.


Pierre LAROUCHE (LL4069/LL5069/LL6069 European Union Law)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 11-28 January 2011

Office : FED #01-05E
Tel No : (65) 6516 6630/7373
User ID : lawv118

Professor Larouche is Professor of Competition Law at Tilburg University and Director of the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC), as well as Professor at the College of Europe (Brugas). He was admitted to the Quebec Bar since 1991. His teaching and research interests include competition law, telecommunications law, media law, basic community law and the Common European Law of Torts. He was appointed as a Visiting Professor at NUS Faculty of Law in 2004, 2006 and 2008. He will be co-teaching European Union Law with Professor Senden.


Geoffrey K MORSE (LL4194/LL5194/LL6194 Partnership)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 11-28 January 2011

Office : ETS #02-27
Tel No : (65) 6516 5201
User ID : lawv116

Professor Morse is a Professor of Corporate and Tax Law at the University of Birmingham. He was a David Marshall Professor of Law in 2002 and a Visiting Professor in 2003, 2005 and 2007 with NUS Faculty of Law.


Paul A MYBURGH (LL4205/LL5205/LLD5205/LL6205 Maritime Conflict of Laws)
MPA Visiting Associate Professor in Maritime Law
Visiting Period: 10-28 January 2011

Office : FED #02-10
Tel No : (65) 6516 4279
User ID : lawv112

Professor Myburgh is an Associate Professor of faculty of Law in University of Auckland. He is presently a consultant to advise the Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand (MLAANZ) and Government on reform of New Zealand’s admiralty jurisdiction. He is also advising the New Zealand Ministry of Transport on the UN Convention on Contracts for the Carriage of Goods Wholly or Partly by Sea (the Rotterdam Rules and implications for New Zealand).


Linda A.J. SENDEN (LL4069/LL5069/LL6069 European Union Law)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 11-28 January 2011

Office : FED #01-05E
Tel No : (65) 6516 6630/7373
User ID : lawv117

Professor Senden is a Professor of European Law of Tilburg University. She focuses, in particular, on institutional issues of EC LAW, including topics such as the community legal instruments, European Governance in a broader sense and legal protection. She obtained 3 LLB and LLM degrees from University of Amsterdam; in International Law, Dutch Law and European Studies (including French and Spanish). She obtained her doctorate degree in 2003 from Tilburg University, Faculty of Law. She will be co-teaching European Union Law with Professor Larouche.