Visiting Professors in Semester 2, Academic Year 2012-2013

The Faculty warmly welcomes the following Visiting Professors for Semester 2 of AY 2012-13:

1. Annette KUR (Private International Law of IP)
Yong Shook Lin Professor in IP
Visiting Period: 14 Jan - 1 Feb 2013

Office : BB 05-09
Tel No : (65) 6516 7373
User ID : lawhak

Professor Kur is a senior member of research staff and Head of Unit at the Max-Planck-Institute (MPI) for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law. She is Associate Professor at the University of Stockholm and Honorary Professor at the University of Munich (LMU). She teaches also at Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC), and is a member of foreign faculty, Santa Clara University (CA). She was a visiting professor (Hauser Global Law School Program) at NYU, New York, in autumn 2006 and spring 2009, and at the University of Montpellier in June 2010. She has served as adviser in the American Law Institute’s project “Intellectual Property: Principles Governing Jurisdiction, Choice of Law, and Judgments in Transnational Disputes and is a founding member of CLIP (European Max Planck Group for the Conflict of Laws in Intellectual Property). She was President of the International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property (ATRIP) for the term 2007-2009.
2. CHANG Seung Wha (Trade Dispute Mechanisms)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 14 Jan - 1 Feb 2013

Office : BB 04-07
Tel No : (65) 6601 3013
User ID : lawcsw

Professor Chang has a LLM and SJD from Harvard Law School and a LLM and LLB from College of Law, Seoul National University. He is currently a Professor of Law with Seoul National University School of Law. He held visiting positions with several institutions such as Harvard Law School, NYU Law School, Yale Law School, etc. He specializes in the areas of International trade, International antitrust and International commercial arbitration.
3. DANG Xuan Hop (Foreign Investment Law and Practice in Asia)
Visiting Senior Fellow
Visiting Period: 16 Jan - 1 Feb 2013

Office : FED 02-31
Tel No : (65) 6516 4274 / 6516 3683
User ID : lawdaxh

Dr Dang is a partner with Allens Arthur Robinson in Hanoi. He advises on foreign investment projects and commercial matters with particular emphasis on large-scale infrastructure, power and petroleum projects; contracts with governments; project financing; EPC contracts; and resolution of commercial disputes, especially through arbitration. He is a fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators and has been a Reserve Arbitrator at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre since May 2008.

Dr Dang holds law degrees from both Vietnam and Australia and has recently completed his doctoral thesis at the University of Oxford in the area of international investment law. He has been teaching with NUS Law since 2006.
4. Gilles CUNIBERTI (Comparative Conflict of Laws)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 14 Jan - 1 Feb 2013

Office : BB 04-08
Tel No : (65) 6516 7392
User ID : lawgill

Professor Cuniberti is a Professor of Private International Law and Comparative Law at Luxembourg University. He is a referee for Journal of Private International Law since 2010, Oxford University Press since 2011 and Melbourne Journal of International Law since 2012. He was teaching Conflict of Laws and International Business Transactions in Columbia Law School as James S. Carpentier Visiting Professor of Law. Prior to teaching at Luxembourg University, he taught at Duke Law School, Paris Val de Marne University and Pantheon-Sorbonne University.
5. Roger Jozef VAN DEN BERGH (Comparative & International Competition Law)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 14 Jan - 1 Feb 2013

Office : BB 05-08
Tel No : (65) 6516 7613
User ID : lawrjvdb

Professor Van den Bergh is a Professor of Law and Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Director of the Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics. He was appointed as a Visiting Professor at various institutions such as University of Bologna, University of Haifa, New York University, etc. He has international experience in teaching courses in Law and Economics and has research experience in many areas of Law and Economics. He is proficient in Dutch, English, German, French and Italian.
6. Pierre LAROUCHE (European Union Law)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 14 Jan - 1 Feb 2013

Office : BB 05-07
Tel No : (65) 6601 2997
User ID : lawpilar

Professor Larouche is Professor of Competition Law at Tilburg University and Director of the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC), as well as Professor at the College of Europe (Brugas). He was admitted to the Quebec Bar since 1991. His teaching and research interests include competition law, telecommunications law, media law, basic community law and the Common European Law of Torts. He was previously appointed as a Visiting Professor at NUS Faculty of Law since 2004 on alternative basis to teach an intensive course in European Union Law.
7. Ronaldo Porto MACEDO (Law & Development in Latin America)
Kwa Geok Choo Distinguished Visitor
Visiting Period: 14 Jan - 1 Feb 2013

Office : B B 05-10
Tel No : (65) 6516 1518
User ID : lawrpmj

Professor Macedo has a PhD in Philosophy and Legal Theory at the Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de São Paulo, Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a LLB by the University of São Paulo. He is currently a Professor with the Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de São Paulo, teaching Legal Philosophy and Legal Theory. He is also an assistant to Attorney General Office (State of São Paulo - Environmental Protection Division).
8. Paul Andrew MYBURGH (Maritime Conflict of Laws)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 14 Jan - 1 Feb 2013

Office : ETS 02-16
Tel No : (65) 6516 4277
User ID : lawpanm

Professor Myburgh is an Associate Professor and the Associate Dean (Postgraduate) at the Faculty of Law at the University of Auckland. His research interests include international maritime law, private international law and international sales law. He has published widely on international and comparative maritime law issues. He has held visiting positions and research fellowships at a number of international institutions, including City University of Hong Kong, the University of Queensland and the University of Oslo.
9. Irene CALBOLI (Foundation of IP Law, Civil Law Tradition, International Trademark Law & Policy and Intellectual Property & International Trade)
Visiting Professor
Visiting Period: 13 August 2012 – 12 May 2013

Office : FED 02-02
Tel No : (65) 6601 2880
User ID : lawic

Professor Calboli is the Director of Intellectual Property and Technology Program at Marquette University Law School. She held visiting positions in various institutions like TC Beirne School of Law, Justus Liebig University Law School, DePaul University College of Law, etc.. She has a LLM from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a LLB and a Doctorate of Research in Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law from the University of Bologna School of Law.