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The NUS Faculty of Law and the East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL), one of China's top law schools, jointly launched the specialist LLM (International Business Law) degree programme in July 2005. The programme is currently in its eighth intake.

The programme is taught entirely in English, and is offered partly in Singapore, and partly in Shanghai. It is the first overseas degree programme to be offered by the NUS Faculty of Law. Students who successfully complete the degree requirements will obtain an LLM (International Business Law) degree conferred solely by NUS (i.e. the degree is not a joint degree).

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Building on the expanding links between Singapore and the People's Republic of China, this programme signifies another innovative step towards the NUS Law School's vision of becoming a leading global law school. Indeed, the NUS Law School has been at the forefront of curriculum developments to make legal education more international and comparative in orientation. Staffed by an outstanding international faculty with degrees from leading law schools from more than a dozen jurisdictions, NUS academic staff continues to make an impact internationally with their teaching and research. The approval of the Chinese authorities for this programme is a further validation of the high reputation that the NUS Law School enjoys both within and outside Asia. This is particularly true given the fact that China receives a large number of applications for degree programmes involving foreign educational institutions.

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The LLM (IBL) Class of 2013/14 with Assoc Prof Stephen Phua, Director for LLM (IBL) during the orientation programme.


From AY2013-2014, students will be offered a new curriculum designed to enhance the learning environment and outcome. Unlike previous years, students will spend the entire first semester in Singapore where they will now have an opportunity to enroll in law elective modules that are taught by local and international faculty throughout Semester 1 in NUS Law School. In addition, IBL candidates will benefit from the bridging intensive core modules in common law and company law which are customised for them.

The academic calendar for Semester 1 will largely be the same as the other programmes conducted in NUS. Candidates from non-Common Law background will commence the programme in mid-July; and candidates from Common Law background will commence in early August.

The academic calendar for Semester 1 in AY2013-2014 will be as follows:

Semester 1  
Programme commences for
Candidates from non-Common Law background
15 Jul – 2 Aug 2013
• Common Law Reasoning & Writing
• Common Law of Obligations
• Intensive English Language Course
Programme commences for
Candidates from Common Law background

5 Aug – 9 Aug 2013
• Elements of Company Law
NUS Teaching Weeks 1 to 6 12 Aug – 20 Sep 2013
Recess Week 21 Sep – 29 Sep 2013
NUS Teaching Weeks 7 to 13 30 Sep – 15 Nov 2013
Reading Week 16 Nov – 22 Nov 2013
Examination 23 Nov – 7 Dec 2013
Vacation 8 Dec 2013 – 12 Jan 2014

In Semester 2, students will relocate to ECUPL in Shanghai. A new package of twelve (12) modules which are essential to a specialization in international business laws is carefully designed for students. Modules will be taught intensively over 2-week blocks by leading academics and practitioners from NUS and ECUPL. Students may choose to read 5-6 out of the 12 modules that are ideal to their personal and professional preferences. These modules cover fundamental and comparative issues in areas including Corporate Governance, Maritime Law, International Tax, Corporate Finance, Arbitration, Foreign Direct Investment, Banking, Securities Law, Intellectual Property, Private International Law, Public International Law and Mergers & Acquisition.

The academic calendar for Semester 2 in AY2013-2014 will be as follows:

Semester 2 Up to 2 modules offered in each block
(students may take only 1 module in each block)
Block 1 13 Jan – 24 Jan 2014
Chinese New Year / Spring Festival Holiday 27 Jan – 7 Feb 2014
Block 2 10 Feb – 21 Feb 2014
Block 3 24 Feb – 7 Mar 2014
Reading Period 8 Mar – 12 Mar 2014
Examination for modules offered in Blocks 1 to 3 13 Mar – 15 Mar 2014
Block 4 17 Mar – 28 Mar 2014
Block 5 31 Mar – 11 Apr 2014
Block 6 14 Apr – 25 Apr 2014
Reading Period 26 Apr – 4 May 2014
Examination for modules offered in Blocks 4 to 6 5 May – 7 May 2014
Vacation From 8 May 2014

The following IBL modules will be offered in AY2013/2014: 

In Singapore

Common Law Reasoning & Writing – Assoc Prof Lim Lei Theng & Legal Writing Team, NUS
Common Law of Obligations – Assoc Prof Helena Whalen-Bridge, NUS
Elements of Company Law – Asst Prof Wee Meng Seng, Asst Prof Dan Puchniak & Asst Prof Umakanth Varottil NUS

In Shanghai

Carriage of Goods by Sea – Adjunct Prof Neale Gregson, NUS
Chinese Corporate & Securities Law – Assoc Prof Wang Jiangyu, NUS
Cross-Border Transactions & Transnational Commercial Law – Prof Tan Yock Lin, NUS
Foreign Direct Investment Law in Asia –Dr Dang Xuan Hop, NUS
International & Commercial Trusts Law – Mr Chen Li, NUS
International Commercial Arbitration – Adjunct Prof Lawrence Boo, NUS
International Corporate Finance – Assoc Prof Alexander Loke, NUS
International Tax Law – Assoc Prof Stephen Phua, NUS
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) – Asst Prof Umakanth Varottil, NUS
Principles of Competition Law – Assoc Prof Burton Ong, NUS
Chinese Intellectual Property Law – Prof Shi Xiaoxiang, ECUPL
International Law – Prof Si Pingping, ECUPL

Click on the following for Module Descriptions and Teaching Faculty.

Admission Requirements
All applicants for the programme must have a good Bachelor's Degree in law or a good first degree in law. This is a full-time programme and the period of study is one academic year (two semesters).

Proficiency in English
The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required for all foreign applicants except those from English-medium institutions in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. If your LLB or LLM degree is conducted entirely in the English-medium and you do not wish to submit a TOEFL test score, please include a letter with your supporting documents to seek a waiver.

For Coursework Programmes, an iBT of 100 is preferred. Other TOEFL or a minimum IELTS score of 7 will also be considered.

Candidates with strong academic results and relevant industry experience but obtained an iBT score of between 92-99 or IELTS 6.5 may also apply.

Applicants may be invited to attend an interview or required to undertake a prescribed intensive English language training upon admission.

Intensive English Course
Students admitted from AY2014/2015 onwards and who are required to undergo an Intensive English Course (IEC) will be required to pay for the course. The IEC usually runs for three (3) weeks in July prior to Semester 1.

The tuition fees for AY2013-2014 is set at RMB88,000 (approximately SGD17,600) for one academic year.

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