Law - University Town College Programme (UTCP)

The University Town College Programme (UTCP) is a multidisciplinary academic programme offered in College of Alice & Peter Tan and Tembusu College at University Town. This programme provides an exciting opportunity for students to read electives outside their majors, and pursue other interests while living and learning with the College community.

A distinctive five-module curriculum read over 4.5 semesters, UTCP comprises a Junior Seminar and two Senior Seminars, in addition to two Ideas and Exposition modules which seek to enhance students’ communication skills and prepare them for today’s workplace. Class sizes for these College modules are small, allowing for a rigorous, interactive and highly personalised academic experience. Through this programme, students will be able to develop strategies for clear and impactful writing, sharpen their inquiry and critical reasoning skills, as well as articulate their ideas on issues which are global-Asian in orientation. A host of informal learning activities, such as talks by distinguished visitors, as well as social and sporting activities, complement the formal curriculum.

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Based on the current LL.B. curriculum, the following groups of Law students cannot be enrolled in the Special Programme (UTCP - 20 MC):

  • Law-DDP students;
  • Law-CDP students; and
  • Law students proposing to do a Minor in a non-law discipline.

Students in these groups must ensure they can fulfil their programme requirement within the stipulated structure. For clarification, please contact the respective programme administrators. In certain circumstances, students may be considered for residency at the Residential Colleges. For clarification on your residential requirements, please contact the respective colleges.
All students who have read and passed at least one module with the College will have the respective modules reflected on their transcripts. For students who have read and passed all five modules, due recognition will be given on the transcript for completion of the UTCP.

For the latest update on the S/U Option Policy, please view the Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here. Students are required to refer to the information in the FAQs relevant to their year of admission and their degree requirements.

For more information on UTCP, please visit their website: