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APCEL Specialist Group on Climate Change Adaptation

APCEL Climate Change Adaptation Platform

Arising from the highly successful workshop Adaptation to Climate Change - ASEAN and Comparative Experiences* (17-18 July 2014, Faculty of Law, NUS), the APCEL Specialist Group on Climate Change Adaptation has established this Platform to encourage dialogue on climate change adaptation. Adaptation has impacts on many interlocking issues, including loss & damage, food and water security, biodiversity, and disaster risk management.


This Platform seeks to encourage transnational exchange of experiences and to bring about effective solutions.  Writers are invited to submit policy briefs and commentaries to assist stakeholders such as policy makers, the judiciary and private actors in implementing the Paris Agreement.

Please email your paper in Microsoft Word format (between 600 – 1000 words) to the APCEL Secretariat at lawapcel@nus.edu.sg.

APCEL Secretariat

Editorial Board

Editor–in-Chief: Koh Kheng-Lian 

Editors: Ilan Kelman, Robert Kibugi, Jolene Lin & Rose-Liza Osorio 


*For proceedings of the workshop, see, Koh K.L. (editor–in-chief), Kelman I, Kibugi R. & Osorio R. L. (eds), Adaptation to Climate Change: ASEAN and Comparative Experiences (World Scientific: 2015).


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