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Visiting Fellow

Linda Yanti Sulistiawati
Visiting Fellow
Visiting Period: 5 Aug 2019 – 5 Sep 2019


Linda Yanti Sulistiawati is an associate professor at Law Faculty and the Head of Asia-Pacific Study Center in Universitas Gadjah Mada. She focuses on international environmental issues, such as Climate Change, REDD+, land issues and customary/adat issues. She had represented the Republic of Indonesia in the UNFCCC’s (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Paris Agreement negotiations, in Paris 2015, as one of Indonesia’s negotiators, and one of the IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) AR6 Lead Authors from 2018-2023.

Currently, she is writing a paper on Indonesia’s NDC (Nationally Determined Contribution) to the Paris Agreement, and whether the local and regional regulations are adhering to the NDC. Previously, she had been appointed as a research fellow in CALE (Center for Asian Legal Exchange) in Nagoya University (2017) and in ASLI (Asian Law Institute) in National University of Singapore (2018).

Linda had presented her research internationally, including University of Agder (Norway, 2017), University of Nagoya (Japan, 2018), Korean Legal Institute (South Korea, 2018), Kathmandu University (Nepal, 2018), and University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, 2019).

Her professional profile can be found here.

Research Interests

» International Environmental Law
» Climate Change
» Land Rights and Customary Laws
» Asia-Pacific Law and Political Issues



As one of the Parties of the Paris Agreement, Indonesia is required to prepare and communicate its own National Determined Contribution (NDC) and maintaining successive nationally NDC which it intends to achieve. Indonesia has set unconditional reduction target by 29% and the conditional target up to 41% of the business as usual scenario by 2030. By setting these goals, Indonesia envisions achieving archipelagic climate resilience through comprehensive adaptation and mitigation programs and disaster risk reduction strategies. This research tries to depict local regulating efforts to reach those NDC targets in the local level of Indonesia’s government, and suggest alternative options to achieve NDC implementation in the local level in Indonesia.



Indonesia’s National Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement: A Far fetch Dream or Possible Reality? A Study of Local and Regional Regulations to Implement Goals of Indonesia’s NDC, APCEL Seminar, 16 August 2019.