APCEL - Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law

Our Focus Areas

» Climate Change Law and Policy in Singapore
  Singapore has declared 2018 to be the Year of Climate Action and will be taking action on all fronts to help individuals and companies implement measures to address climate change. A national carbon tax scheme will be implemented in 2019. APCEL is helping to advance this national effort by focusing on regulatory strategies, policy outreach and teaching.
» International Climate Change Law
  The 2015 Paris Agreement marked a breakthrough but a lot of work lies ahead to move towards a low-carbon future. APCEL works to promote the implementation of the Paris Agreement through our teaching and research.
» Biodiversity Protection Law
  Human activities pose serious threats to biodiversity. The main threats are human population growth, urbanization, and the over-exploitation of natural resources. APCEL is part of local and global solutions to protect floral and fauna species through our collaboration, research and teaching.
» Illegal Wildlife Trade
  The illegal trade in wildlife is a serious problem in Southeast Asia that threatens biodiversity as well as human security. APCEL works with Freeland, an NGO based in Bangkok, to strengthen law enforcement capacity and develop regulatory strategies.