Guidelines for Papers & Presentation

Guidelines for Paper Submission
(applicable to presenters whose abstracts have been accepted for the parallel sessions)
Author’s Title & Name, University/Organization, Paper Title and Email Address to be stated clearly on the cover page of the paper.
Download template cover page.
Length - No more than 10,000 words, inclusive of footnotes. Please adhere strictly to this requirement.
Font - Size 12, Times New Roman
Single spacing of text throughout
Microsoft Word Document Format
Papers to be sent to by 29 March 2013 at the latest.
We urge that you adhere to the submission deadline in order to facilitate your paper being made available at the conference (see below).

Guidelines for Paper Presentation at the Parallel Sessions
(applicable to presenters whose abstracts have been accepted for presentation)
The language of presentation is English. Each speaker will be allocated a maximum of 15 minutes to present his or her paper. The presentation venues are equipped with a computer and LCD projector. Speakers who wish to use Powerpoint slides to present their papers should save their slides onto a USB drive or CD for this purpose.

Guidelines for the Poster Session
(applicable to presenters whose abstracts have been accepted for the Poster Session)
Presenters selected for the Poster Session will be provided a display board space. All posters are required to be mounted at the display boards on the morning of Day One of the conference and the poster will remain on the board for two days, being removed at 4.00pm on Day Two. Posters should be in a compact form or spread over a maximum of eight A4 sheets, four A3 sheets or one A1 sheet. Text should be brief, in bullet points and clearly readable from a distance of 4 to 5 feet. Pictures and graphics should also be visible from the same distance. The following are key elements to be included in the posters:
  1. Title, name of the author(s), affiliation
  2. Brief overview of the research paper
  3. Brief literature review (optional)
  4. Key facts, analysis and arguments pertaining to the research question
  5. Author’s conclusion and points of discussion

The poster session will take place between 1.15pm to 2.15pm on Day Two. Presenters are expected to be available at their individual display section to answer questions or engage in informal discussion on their poster content.

Distribution of Papers at Conference
(applicable to presenters whose abstracts have been accepted)

Please note that hard copies of individual papers will also be made available to the audience at the venue where each paper is presented. Neither the USB thumb drive nor the hard copies of individual papers will constitute publication; papers will not thereafter be published by the conference organizers or made available to individuals or libraries.

Presenters will retain copyright of their papers and will be free to submit them for publication elsewhere. No papers may be cited without prior permission from the authors.

Publication of Selected Papers

Selected papers may be considered for publication in the Asian Journal of Comparative Law. Papers will be selected by the editorial teams of the journals and will undergo the usual referreeing process. Neither the conference organizers nor ASLI will be involved in the paper selection process.

Participants who wish to have their papers considered for publication will have to provide the final manuscript (not more than 10,000 words total) to the journal editors by 30 June 2013. This will give contributors one month to incorporate feedback on their papers from their presentations at the conference.

For details on the Asian Journal of Comparative Law, please go to:

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