The Asian Law Institute - ASLI

The Asian Law Institute (ASLI) was established in 2003 through the united effort of several leading law schools in Asia. It has long been recognized that such an institute could have a significant role in fostering Asian legal scholarship and facilitating greater interaction amongst legal scholars in Asia and those working on Asian law-related issues.

Asia is an amorphous geographical entity within which all modern and ancient legal systems have and continue to operate, often in complex coexistence and sometimes in open conflict. There is a richness of material that is unique and ASLI aims to provide a focal point for scholars to work together, learn from each other and collaborate on research and teaching.

The acronym "ASLI", which means "indigenous" or “original” in several Asian languages, reflects the essence of the institution which aims to be a truly home-grown Asian law institute in Asia. ASLI has thirteen founding members, whose representatives sit on the Board of Governors which meets annually. The National University of Singapore (NUS), which led the initiative, continues to provide administrative and financial support for ASLI, including hosting its Secretariat at the NUS Law School.

As part of its aim to reach out, ASLI has admitted, and continues to welcome, new members which are law schools either located in Asia or which have a demonstrable interest in researching or teaching Asian law.

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