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CALS Seminar Series: Asia & International Law

Socioeconomic Rights in India: Origins, Development, and Concerns Going Forward
by Assosciate Professor Rehan Abeyratne
25 May 2016, Wednesday
12.00pm - 1.30pm
Federal Bartholomew Conference Room, Federal Building, NUS (BTC)

This seminar will introduce the main themes of my forthcoming book, SOCIOECONOMIC RIGHTS IN INDIA (Oxford University Press). It will briefly overview the origins of socioeconomic rights jurisprudence in India by examining the Constituent Assembly Debates and early case law. It will then discuss the Indian Supreme Court's creative procedural and substantive innovations in constitutional interpretation that permitted the judiciary to play an active role in recognizing and enforcing socioeconomic rights. It will also address three concerns about this jurisprudence: (1) that it threatens constitutional legitimacy; (2) that it impinges on democratic policy-making; and (3), that, as a practical matter, legal judgments have not have not been effectively enforced. The seminar will conclude by proposing how India's well-intentioned socioeconomic rights jurisprudence could be more effective in practice.


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