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Judging the Constitution: The Theory and Practice of Constitutional Interpretation in Singapore
by Assistant Professor Jaclyn Neo
16 January 2015
Lee Sheridan Room, Eu Tong Seng Building, NUS (BTC)

Debates over constitutional interpretation occupy a central space in the intellectual discourse of many constitutional systems. In America, for example, whose constitution provides the roots for many constitutionalist ideas, this debate has captured much academic, judicial, and political attention. There, much of the contemporary discussion has focused on the divergence between originalism and "living" constitutionalism. At the heart of this is a struggle between, on the one hand, fidelity to founding meanings and, on the other hand, creative interpretation to suit the context and needs of an evolving society. This contestation determines the authoritativeness of text, context, structure, norms, and theories in constitutional interpretation.

All these cases bear closer reflection, and this is the aim of this workshop. Bringing together scholars of constitutional law, this workshop provides a platform for discussion and debate on these recent developments, and to provide theoretical reflections that go beyond doctrinal and empirical accounts. The end goal is to produce an edited volume that will coincide with fifty years of Singapore's independence in 2015.

Attendance to this Workshop is by Invitation Only, if you have queries please email cals@nus.edu.sg

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