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Researching State and Personhood: Law and Society in Southeast Asia
by Assistant Professor Lynette Chua
15 & 16 December 2014
Lee Sheridan Room, National University of Singapore, Bukit Timah Campus

This conference is premised on the assumption that state and personhood in Southeast Asia can be fruitfully investigated by drawing on the broad interdisciplinary perspectives of the law and society field.
Scholars studying Southeast Asian cultures and societies have too often avoided coming to terms with "law", which they regard as the exclusive domain of legal specialists.
Their research may be highly relevant to the field of law and society even though they may not view their own work in these terms.

This conference proceeds on the premise that, "Law is too important to be left to the lawyers." It aims to build bridges across disciplinary divides and bring together scholars from diverse academic fields and locations in the region to forge new connections and consider new directions for socio-legal work.

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