Centre for Asian Legal Studies

Workshop Initiative on Southeast Asian-based Socio-legal Research

The long-term goal of this project is to develop NUS Law into the global centre for socio-legal research on Southeast Asian societies. The immediate goal is to launch the first workshop in a series that will take the first and definitive step in this direction. So far socio-legal scholars have paid uneven and inconsistent attention to Southeast Asian-based socio-legal research. Existing work lacks a coherent research agenda, and is scattered among researchers some of whom do not necessarily engage with the wider academic community identifiable as socio-legal scholars. We will foster a community of such like-minded researchers, and sustain and grow a body of scholarship that gives voice to the unique perspectives and experiences of Southeast Asia’s peoples, while engaging and (re)shaping the wider scholarly community at the international level.

The first workshop is intended to set the tone for this field, and define a research agenda that is bold yet feasible. It will bring together established socio-legal researchers from around the world, and NUS scholars – both from law and the social sciences - to examine the intellectual possibilities and challenges, and articulate potential research themes and directions. The resulting publication will be aimed at becoming a definitive volume that will serve as a reference source for future scholars conducting socio-legal research on Southeast Asian societies. It will also provide the bases upon which subsequent workshops in this series will be built and conceptualized.

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