Year 2018

Date News
August 2018 Hans Tjio speaks at OMFIF-SEACEN Forum on Evaluating the Appropriate Supervisory Approach and Governance Frameworks to Mitigate Emerging Misconduct Risk in the Financial Sector (4 Sep 2018).
August 2018 CBFL Report 1805 on Malaysian Blockchain Regulatory Report Launch and Forum by Research Associate Dominika Nestarcova.
August 2018 CBFL welcomes our visitors, Associate Professor David Fox (University of Edinburgh) and Associate Professor Christopher Hare (University of Oxford). More.
July 2018 Dora Neo joins expert panels at the 2018 South East Asia Survey of Letter and Credit Law and Practice, Singapore, 16-17 July 2018 and the South East Asia Guarantee & Standby Forum, 18 July 2018. Both events were held in Singapore and organised by the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice (Montgomery Village, USA).
July 2018 CBFL is pleased to jointly organise the symposium: Secured Transactions Law in Asia with EW Barker Centre for Law & Business and Commercial Law Centre, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford (26-27 July 2018). Details of the symposium here.
July 2018 CBFL welcomes Visiting Professor, Professor Louise Gullifer (University of Oxford). More.
May 2018 CBFL congratulates our student affiliates (semester 2, academic year 2017-2018) Allen Sng Kiat Peng, Chen Shilun and Kenneth Ong Kang Ying on the completion of the World Universities Comparative Law Project: Legal Rating of Singapore under the auspices of the Allen and Overy Global Law Intelligence Unit. The project involves a series of legal ratings carried out by students at selected leading universities around the world in respect of major fields of law in their jurisdiction, namely those practiced by major international law firms, such as banking and finance, corporate law, commercial and contract law. Click here for web report.
May 2018 Publication: Sandra Booysen, "Cheques: to be or not to be?" (2018) 4 Journal of Business Law pp 283-299.
May 2018 Sandra Booysen presents "Singapore, the GFC and International Bank Regulatory Norms" at the Regulation of the Banking Sector: Challenges and Emerging Issues, 10-11 May 2018, University of Bristol, United Kingdom.
April 2018 CBFL is pleased to jointly organise the Symposium: Hedge Funds and Alternative Investment Funds in Hong Kong and Singapore with HK Commercial and Maritime Law Centre, City University of Hong Kong.

Details of the symposium here.

April 2018 Hans Tjio's working paper on 'Restructuring the Bond Market in Singapore' was recently listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for: LSN:Bankruptcy, 28 April 2018. See his paper here.

For more working papers, click here

February 2018 Dora Neo presents "Control of independent contractual obligations: Injunctive relief and judicial enforcement in relation to performance bonds" at 7 February 2018, Cambridge Private Law Centre, University of Cambridge
January 2018 Dora Neo presents "Public versus private interests in a bank's duty of confidentiality" 31 Jan 2018, Business Law Workshops, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford