Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Inaugurated on 17 January 1998, the Centre for Commercial Law Studies is intended to build on the Faculty’s extensive experience in commercial law teaching and research and involves a vast majority of the Faculty members whose interests cover a wide spectrum of commercial law subjects. Hitherto, these diverse interests had evolved in piecemeal fashion and it was therefore conceived that a foremost aim of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies should be to provide a focal point for comparative and regional commercial law research and dialogue which would be of practical value to practitioners, legislators and businessmen.

A second aim of the Centre is to contribute to the reform of commercial law in Singapore and to this end, the Centre is pleased to have been commissioned by the Ministry of Finance as well as the Attorney-General's Chambers to undertake research into a few areas of law.

A third aim of the Centre is to disseminate topical and important information on and stimulate interest in comparative commercial law.

With the need to broaden and deepen the exchange between Business and Law, Centre for Commercial Law Studies have now transformed into a new entity known as Centre for Law & Business. Please visit us at http://law.nus.edu.sg/clb.