SCIBL Publications

This Conference Series was organised biennially by the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore. When CCLS was established in 1998, it took over this responsibility. Each conference focuses on a selected area of international business law such as international contracts, international loans, international trade, international banking and international economic regulation. The papers of each Conference were previously published jointly by the Faculty of Law and Butterworths Asia, as the International Business Law series, and now by CCLS.

There are to date ten books in the SCIBL series of publications.

Volume I: Current Problems of International Trade Financing (2nd edn)
Volume II: Current Issues of International Financial Law
Volume III: Current Developments in International Securities, Commodities and Financial Future Markets
Volume IV: Current Developments in International Banking and Corporate Financial Operations
Volume V: Current Developments in International Investment Law
Volume VI: Current Developments in International Transfers of Goods and Services
Volume VII: Current Legal Issues in the Internationalization of Business Enterprises (Out of print)
Volume VIII: Current Legal Issues in the International Commercial Litigation
Volume IX: Current Developments in Financial Regulation and Capital Markets
Volume X: The Regulation of Wealth Management

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