About Centre for Future-ready Graduates@Law

Law School graduates follow a wide variety of career paths. Many take positions in leading firms in Singapore and around the world; others go on to occupy senior positions in government. Still, others devote themselves to public service, or pursue higher degrees and join the world of academia.

The Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG) at NUS Law is set up to equip students with Future-ready skills to transit smoothly to their careers of choice after graduation.

CFG@Law organises a number of events throughout the academic year, including The Practice of Law Networking Event for freshmen, the Law Careers Fair, Graduate Job Fair well as fortnightly Careers Lunchtime Talks and industry-specific Panel Discussions. The Centre also manages the NUS Talent Connect – an online platform for Law students, alumni and employers to share and access internships, fellowships, Practice Training Contracts and other permanent job opportunities.

CFG@Law fosters networking with alumni and co-ordinates the Law Alumni Mentorship Programme (LAMP). It also promotes close contacts with industry partners, by inviting them for various initiatives. More details of our activities can be gleaned from the other sections indicated in the navigation panel on the left.

To find out more about the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG), please click on this webpage.