Past Activities

Seminars / Public Lectures / Courses in Academic Year 2002/2003


Date Topic Speakers No. of Participants
Jul–Aug 2002

Chinese Foreign Investment Law and Trade Law

A/P Li Mei Qin 18

21 Sept 2002

Mistaken Payments: De Beers and

IDA v Singtel re-examined

A/P William Swadling

19 Oct 2002

*Partnerships for the 21st Century? Limited Liability Partnerships and Partnership Law Reform

Prof Geoffrey Morse 208
27-29 Nov 2002 Basic Course in International Law for Foreign Service Officers A/P Robert Beckman and A/P Hsu Locknie 62
29 Mar 2003

Dishonestly Assisting in a Breach of Trust and Improperly Receiving Trust Funds

Prof Derek Davies 32
7 Jun 2003

Effective Reservation of Title Clauses and Security over Receivables

Prof Gerard McCormack 41


Seminars organized jointly with the Singapore Academy of Law

Date Topic Speakers No. of Participants
25-26 Jul 2002

Harmonising Trade Laws & UNCITRAL



- The Work of UNCITRAL in the field of Electronic Commerce

Mr Renaud Sorieul

  - The United Nations Convention for Contracts for the International Sale of Goods – An Overview A/P Gary Bell  
  - The UNCITRAL Draft Convention on Assignment of Receivables in International Trade Mr Jeffrey Chan  
  - The United Nations Convention on Independent Guarantees and Independent Letters of Credit Mr Renaud Sorieul  
  - Transport Law A/P Dr. Alexander Von Ziegler  
  - The work of UNCITRAL in the Field of Arbitration and Conciliation Mr Renaud Sorieul  
  - The New Arbitration Act Mr Warren Khoo  
  - The relevance of UNCITRAL Law to Mediation Practice in Singapore Mr Goh Joon Seng  
  - Cross Border Insolvency Judge Wisit Wisitora-At  
  - Singapore Perspective on the Model Law on Cross Border Insolvency Dr S Chandra Mohan  
10 – 11 Dec 2002 The International Copyright System and Recent Developments in International and Comparative Copyright Law Prof Jane Ginsburg 55
15 February 2003 ‘Choice of Court Agreements: Claiming Damages When They Have Been Broken?’ & ‘Overlapping Claims And Causes Of Action In Private International Law: Can A Plaintiff Win By Choosing How His Claim Is Framed?’ Prof Adrian Briggs 54