Past Activities

Seminars / Public Lectures / Mini Courses in Academic Year 2010/2011


Date Topic Speakers No. of Participants
19, 24 & 26 Aug 2010 Comparative and International Competition Law Prof Michal S. Gal 26

11 Nov 2010

The Anti-Dilution Right in Trade Mark Law

Assoc Prof Ng-Loy Wee Loon


16 Feb 2011

Legal Framework for M&A In India: Current Trends

Asst Prof Umakanth Varottil 12

3 & 10 Mar 2011

Customised Course on Admiralty Law for Supreme Court Legal Officers

Professor Stephen Girvin 40

4 Mar 2011

CLE Professorial Lecture on "One Nation Under Surveillance A New Social Contract to Defend Freedom Without Sacrificing Liberty"

Professor Simon Chesterman 185

24 May 2011

CLE-SAL Seminar on Financial Issues in Matrimonial Disputes

Associate Professor Debbie Ong, Faculty of Law, NUS

Ms Foo Siew Fong, Partner, Harry Elias Partnership LLP

Dr. Tang Hang Wu, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, NUS

Mr Alfred Dodwell, Partner, Advocatus Law LLP



Courses in Academic Year 2010/2011

Date Topic No. of Participants
Aug 10 to May 11 Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law 35
Aug 10 to Nov 10 Auditing Programme (Semester 1) 24
Jan 11 to May 11 Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration 30
Jan 11 to Apr 11 Auditing Programme (Semester 2) 25
Mar 11 to Jul 11 BAR/BRI New York Bar Review 14