Past Activities

STAFF SEMINAR SERIES 2002-2003 (First Semester)

Date Name Institution Topic
10 Jun Mr Kok-Chor Tan Faculty of Law, NUS Liberal Nationalism and Cosmopolitan Justice
31 July A/P Eleanor Wong Faculty of Law, NUS The Legal Writing Programme - an Informal Introduction to Course Content and Pedagogy
14 Aug Prof Wang Gungwu East Asia Institute, NUS

Migration and Political Culture

28 Aug Prof Tan Yock Lin Faculty of Law, NUS Relief from Illegality in Contract and Trusts
18 Sept A/P William Swadling Oxford University The Classification of Trusts
25 Sept Prof Kent Roach Faculty of Law, University of Toronto Comparative Anti-terrorism Law and Policy
9 Oct Ms Mary Wong Faculty of Law, NUS Electronic Privacy Law in the United States - Divergent Interests, Distinct Protections and Recent Challenges
23 Oct Dr Ian McEwin Principal Economist,
Markets Analysis Division, Ministry of Trade and Industry in Singapore
Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law
6 Nov A/P Debbie Ong Faculty of Law, NUS  


LAW Staff Seminar Series Conveners:

Kumar Amirthalingam
Tel : 6874 1518