Past Activities

STAFF SEMINAR SERIES 2004-2005 (First Semester)
Venue: Lee Sheridan Conference Room (3rd floor, Law Faculty)
Time: 2.00 pm (unless otherwise stated)

Date Name Institution Topic
11 Aug
(SR 1)


Institute of South East Asian Studies Singapore-Malaysia relations: Re-kindling ties that matter
25 Aug Jacques de Lisle University of Pennsylvania Law School Development without democracy, and the turn to law in the PR
8 Sep Ho Hock Lai Faculty of Law, NUS An argument for a moral interpretation of evidence law, with specific reference to the similar facts rule
15 Sep Tim Lindsey Melbourne University Law and resurgent Islam in Indonesia
29 Sep Alain Pellet University of Paris 10-Nanterre Counsel before the International Court of Justice
13 Oct Joseph Chun School of Design and Environment, NUS Reclaiming The Public Trust in Singapore
17 Nov Randall Peerenboom University of California Los Angeles Human rights and rule of law


LAW Staff Seminar Series Conveners:

Kumar Amirthalingam
Tel : 6874 1518