Past Activities

STAFF SEMINAR SERIES 2006-2007 (First Semester)
Venue: Lee Sheridan Conference Room, Eu Tong Sen Bldg, Law Faculty
Time: 2.00 pm (unless otherwise stated)

Date Name Institution Topic
18 Aug 2006

Dr Melissa de Zwart

Faculty of Law, Monash University The US-Australia Free Trade Agreement and its impact on copyright ‘reform’ in Australia  
24 Aug 2006

Visiting Professor Michael Trebilcock

Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore Rule of Law Reform in Developing Countries  
15 Sep 2006

Prof Daniel D. Bradlow

Washington College of Law, Washington D.C The Governance of the IMF: The Need for Reform  
22 Sep 2006

Assoc Prof Daniel Fitzpatrick

Australian National University Property Rights and Social Trauma: After the Tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia  
20 Oct 2006

Christopher Thomas, Q.C.

Thomas & Partners, Vancouver and Ottawa Investor-State Arbitration: The North American Experience  
23 Oct 2006 Prof Stanley Yeo School of Law and Justice, Southern Cross University, Australia Teaching and Learning Differences between Singaporean and Australian Law Students  
31 Oct 2006 Professor Robert Brauneis The George Washington University, Washington DC From Amazon to Zanzibar: Place Names as Trademarks and Geographical Indications  
28 Nov 2006 Ms Jothie Rajah University of Melbourne Policing Religion: Singapore and the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act  
30 Nov 2006 Prof Sol Picciotto University of Lancaster WTO: From Trade Organisation to Global Governance Node  


LAW Staff Seminar Series Conveners:

Kumar Amirthalingam
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