Past Activities

STAFF SEMINAR SERIES 2002-2003 (Second Semester)

Date Name Institution Topic
15 Jan

Thomas Poole

Lecturer, University of Nottingham Public Reason and Public Law: Republicanism and the Constitution
22 Jan Hikmahanto Juwana Professor of Law, University of Indonesia What Went Wrong in the Development of Indonesian Law?
5 Feb Amitav Acharya Head of Research, Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies The Age of Fear: How September 11 is Reshaping the Global Security Order
26 Feb Ho Hock Lai Associate Professor, Law Faculty, NUS Justice in the Search for Truth
19 Mar Burton Ong Assistant Professor, Law Faculty, NUS Competition Law and Policy: An Introduction
26 Mar Francis Reynolds Emeritus Professor, Oxford / Visiting Professor, Law Faculty, NUS Personal Liability of Company Directors in Tort
9 Apr Yeo Tiong Min Associate Professor, Law Faculty, NUS Equitable Wrongs: Is There a Choice of Law Rule?
2 Jul W. Wesley Pue Professor of Law, University of British Columbia Lawyers and Colonialism: Rethinking Legal Professions from the British model through the Canadian and Indian colonies


LAW Staff Seminar Series Conveners:

Kumar Amirthalingam
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