Past Activities

STAFF SEMINAR SERIES 2006-2007 (Second Semester)
Venue: Lee Sheridan Conference Room, Eu Tong Sen Bldg, Law Faculty
Time: 2.00 pm (unless otherwise stated)

Date Name Institution Topic
30 Jan 2007

Prof John Jackson

Queen's University Belfast

Evidence In The International Criminal Tribunals: Bridging The Common Law / Civil Law Divide

1 Mar 2007

Professor Ian Holloway QC

University of Western Ontario

The Constitutional Significance of Judicial Biography: The Case of Lord Sinha

15 Mar 2007
Associate Professor Simon Chesterman New York University School of Law Singapore Programme An International Rule of Law?
24 Apr 2007
Professor Mark Henaghan University of Otago, New Zealand

What Business Do Lawyers have Meddling with other People's Genes?

3 Apr 2007
Mr Hubert Picarda QC  

Corporate Rescue And The U.K. Enterprise Act 2002  


LAW Staff Seminar Series Conveners:

Kumar Amirthalingam
Tel : 6874 1518