Centre for Legal Theory

The Singapore Symposium in Legal Theory 2014
(funded by Singapore Ministry of Education Academic Research Fund Tier1)

The Singapore Symposium in Legal Theory is an initiative supported by the Faculty of Law to promote discussion of current research in the field of legal theory, broadly conceived. It consists of occasional seminars and a formal programme of papers held in Semester 2 each year, in which those working in legal theory from around the world join with colleagues at NUS to present work in progress and explore contemporary debates.

We welcomed Joseph Raz to inaugurate the formal programme in January 2014.

Date Paper Titles & Presenters Slides Videos
14 January 2014
Monday, 4-6pm
Why the State? A Speculative Reflection
Professor Joseph Raz
Columbia University
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27 January 2014
Monday, 4-6pm
Law Beyond the Established Legal Orders
Professor George Pavlakos
University of Antwerp
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7 March 2014
Friday, 4-6pm
If You’re Reading This, You Got Real Lucky: Crime, Punishment, & Luck
Professor Kenneth Himma
Seattle Pacific University
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17 March 2014
Monday, 4-6pm
'Legal Subjects and Juridical Persons: Developing '"bottom-up" Jurisprudence through Fuller and Arendt
Dr Kristen Rundle
University of New South Wales
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4 April 2014
Friday, 4-6pm
Naturalism & Normativity in Transnational Ages
Dr Lorenzo Zucca
King’s College London
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