Centre for Legal Theory

Contemporary Debates over Legal Rights
(funded by the NUS Start-up Grant)


The conference took place at the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
19 to 20 May 2016.

Among others, the following questions were addressed at the conference:

  • What is the correct methodology for a philosophical theory of legal rights?
  • Is the Hohfeldian schema a secure foundation on which to build one’s theory of rights?
  • Does either the interest theory or the will theory provide a correct theory of rights, or must these theories be transcended?

Additionally, doctrinal applications of the above were considered.

Participants included:

Andrew Halpin (National University of Singapore)
James Penner (National University of Singapore)
Mark McBride (National University of Singapore)
Matthew Kramer (University of Cambridge)
Rowan Cruft (Stirling University)
Gopal Sreenivasan (Duke University)
Hillel Steiner (University of Manchester) * His paper was delivered in his absence

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