Centre for Legal Theory

Roundtable Discussion on
The Structure and Nature of Constitutional Rights
(jointly organised and jointly funded by the Centre for Legal Theory and Centre for Asian Legal Studies)


The conference took place at the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore from 19 January 2017.

The speakers at this roundtable looked at key issues relating to the structure and nature of constitutional rights. In particular, speakers address:

  • Issues relating to how courts define rights and how rights are balanced against other interests (state or community) where the two come into conflict with each other.
  • The structure and design of tools the courts use to adjudicate limits on rights (including proportionality balancing and notions of ‘reasonableness’ of state action).
  • The way in which we talk about rights and whether there are patterns that emerge in the conversations that take place about rights in different jurisdictions and systems.
  • The structure and design of constitutional remedies used by courts to deal with rights infringements.

Participation is By Invitation Only

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