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Most papers in the Working Paper Series are also published electronically on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), the leading portal for English-language legal publications, to make current CML research easily accessible to academics, lawyers and policy makers internationally.

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Abstracts of papers are available by clicking on the selected titles below:

WPS No Title Name of Author(s) Date
CML-WPS-1711 The Obligation of Seaworthiness: Shipowner and Charterer

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Stephen GIRVIN Dec 2017
CML-WPS-1710 The Standardisation of Oil and Gas Law: Transnational Layers of Governance

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Djakhongir SAIDOV Oct 2017
CML-WPS-1709 The 'Refugee Clause'-Why contractual allocation of rescue costs is critical during periods of mass migration at sea

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Richard L. KILPATRICK Jr Oct 2017
CML-WPS-1708 The Legal Issues Behind Stagnating CCS Deployment in the European Union - is it the Member States' Turn?

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Viktor WÉBER Sep 2017
CML-WPS-1707 The Carriage of Goods Convention

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Michiel SPANJAART Sep 2017
CML-WPS-1706 All hands off deck? The legal barriers to autonomous ships

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Luci CAREY Aug 2017
CML-WPS-1705 The insured's duty of disclosure under Chinese insurance law

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WANG Feng Mar 2017
CML-WPS-1704 Cross-border rehabiliation: An Impendiment to ship arrest in Singapore?

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JI Zhihe, Jesse Mar 2017
CML-WPS-1703 Satisfactory for its own purposes: Private direct arrangements and judicial vessel sales

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Paul MYBURGH Mar 2017
CML-WPS-1702 The safe port in maritime law: Decade of certainty or muddier waters?

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Stephen GIRVIN Mar 2017
CML-WPS-1701 Maritime law in Singapore and beyond-Its origins, influence and importance

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Steven CHONG Mar 2017

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