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Érica Gorga is an Associate Research Scholar in Law and the John R. Raben/Sullivan & Cromwell Executive Director for the Yale Law School Center for the Study of Corporate Law at Yale Law School. She was a Visiting Professor of Law at Vanderbilt Law School (Fall 2012). She was a Visiting Scholar at Vanderbilt Law School (Fall, 2010). She was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at Cornell Law School (Fall 2007, Fall 2008). She was a Lecturer and a Post-Doc Research Fellow at the University of Texas Law School Center for Law and Economics (Spring 2006). She was an Olin Research Fellow and a Visiting Scholar at Stanford Law School (Fall 2002, Spring 2003). She is currently a Professor of Law at Fundacao Getulio Vargas Law School at Sao Paulo (DIREITO GV). Her research interests focus on business associations, corporations, securities law, mergers & acquisitions, corporate governance, and international business transactions.