Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice

(Participation is currently restricted to senior investigation officers nominated by the Home Team Academy, Ministry of Home Affairs (Singapore))

Course Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice is a bespoke 81-hour course designed specifically for investigation officers (for example, from the Home Team). The content of the course is built on the four legal pillars of the Singapore criminal justice system – criminal law, criminal procedure law, evidence law, and sentencing law. The course is taught by staff from NUS Law and the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

The main course objectives are:

» To provide participants with a solid foundation in the key doctrines, principles and policies of criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence law and sentencing law, building on their knowledge gained from past work experience and related courses attended at the Home Team Academy.
» To enable participants to further increase their proficiency in and standard of their investigation officer-related work.
» To foster participants’ interest in legal skills and knowledge, and act as a potential stepping stone towards higher law-related certification (eg LLB).
» To improve participants’ intellectual rigour, especially when faced with new and unfamiliar situations.
» To further hone participants’ ability to understand and communicate with prosecutors, lawyers, judges and policy-makers.


The course covers:

» Singapore Legal System and Legal Reasoning (3 hours)
» Foundations of Statutory Interpretation (6 hours)
» Criminal Law and Process (42 hours)
» Law of Evidence and Sentencing Law (30 hours)


The Course Director is Mr Benny Tan.


Modes of Instruction & Course Duration

The course comprises seminars which are run over 9 months and conducted once a week in the evening for 3 hours. Teaching will commence in early January and will conclude by the end of September.


Admission Requirements

The admission criteria for the Graduate Certificate should be at least a Bachelor’s degree.


Assessments will include class participation, and take-home assignments and examinations.