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741.  JULY 1995 Issue

Defects in Property Causing Pure Economic Loss Management Corp Strata Title Plan No 1272 v Ocean Front Pte Ltd
Ong, Siew Ling Debbie  •  [1995] Sing JLS 256 (Jul)

742.  JULY 1995 Issue

Book Review: Cheshire, Fifoot and Furmston's Law of Contract (Singapore and Malaysian Edition) by Andrew Phang
Koh, Philip  •  [1995] Sing JLS 271 (Jul)

743.  JULY 1995 Issue

Book Review: Take-overs and Mergers by Chidambaram Chandrasegar
Lee, Eng Beng  •  [1995] Sing JLS 275 (Jul)

744.  JULY 1995 Issue

Book Review: Principles of Singapore Land Law by Tan Sook Yee
Menon, TPB  •  [1995] Sing JLS 278 (Jul)

745.  JULY 1995 Issue

Book Review: Supreme Court Yearly Digest, 1994 by Surendra Malik
English, Peter  •  [1995] Sing JLS 280 (Jul)

746.  DECEMBER 1994 Issue

Offences Created by the Computer Misuse Act 1993
Lee, Christopher  •  [1994] Sing JLS 263 (Dec)
This article examines the terminology used in defining the offences created by the Computer Misuse Act 1993. Comparison is made with similar legislation from other jurisdictions which influenced its drafting, particularly in the United Kingdom Computer Misuse Act 1990. It appears that the guiding principle behind the drafting of this Act is comprehensiveness - the offences are framed so as to cover<