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Contents for the current issue,  MARCH 2017

1.  Digging Deep into the Ownership of Underground Space—Recent Changes in Respect of Subterranean Land Use
Elaine Chew  •  [2017] Sing JLS 1
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2.  Shadow Banking in Singapore
Christian Hofmann  •  [2017] Sing JLS 18
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3.  Advancing Constitutional Justice in Singapore: Enhancing Access and Standing in Judicial Review Cases
Swati Jhaveri  •  [2017] Sing JLS 53
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4.  Financial Regulation and Disruptive Technologies: The Case of Cloud Computing in Singapore
Maziar Peihani  •  [2017] Sing JLS 77
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5.  Issue Estoppel Created by Consent Judgments: Dissonance Between the Principles Underlying Settlements and Court Decisions
Dorcas Quek Anderson  •  [2017] Sing JLS 100
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6.  Attribution of Liability Between Parent and Subsidiary within a Single Economic Entity: The Singapore Experience
Joshua Seet  •  [2017] Sing JLS 124
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7.  The Trust Statutory Exception to Indefeasibility in the Singapore Torrens System
Teo Keang Sood  •  [2017] Sing JLS 151
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8.  Object Restrictions in Singapore Competition Law
Benjamin Wong YongQuan  •  [2017] Sing JLS 169
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9.  Book Review: Criminal Law in Myanmar by ChanWing Cheong, Michael Hor, Mark McBride, Neil Morgan and Stanley Yeo, eds
Ian Leader-Elliott  •  [2017] Sing JLS 192
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