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Contents for the current issue,  SEPTEMBER 2018

1.  Special Feature: Professor Lionel Sheridan in Conversation
Kevin YL Tan  •  [2018] Sing JLS 1
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2.  Enforcing Unjust Enrichment Rights: The Recovery of Mistaken Payments in Practice
Rachel Leow  •  [2018] Sing JLS 22
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3.  Agency Reasoning—A Formula or a Tool?
Francis Reynolds and Tan Cheng Han  •  [2018] Sing JLS 43
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4.  Liability of Directors for Criminal Breach of Trust: Recovering a Lost Interpretation
Tan Yock Lin  •  [2018] Sing JLS 57
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5.  Disposal of Common Property in Strata Schemes
Teo Keang Sood  •  [2018] Sing JLS 85
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6.  Penalty Clauses: Lessons from Australia and England and Possible Legislative Reforms
Wong Wen Jian  •  [2018] Sing JLS 104
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7.  Case and Legislation Notes: Premature Service of Payment Claims Under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act—Audi Construction Pte Ltd v Kian Hiap Construction Pte Ltd
Benjamin Joshua Ong  •  [2018] Sing JLS 128
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8.  Case and Legislation Notes: Taking Caution at Pedestrian Crossings: Pedestrians Beware—Asnah bte Ab Rahman v Li Jianlin
Wong Wen Jian  •  [2018] Sing JLS 140
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9.  Book Reviews: International Perspectives on the Regulation of Lawyers and Legal Services by Andrew Boon, ed
Gary Chan Kok Yew  •  [2018] Sing JLS 152
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10.  Book Reviews: The Law of Agency (Second Edition) by Tan Cheng Han
GE Dal Pont  •  [2018] Sing JLS 155
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