Upcoming Events

» Centre for Maritime Law Short Course, "Pitfalls in Freight Forwarding: The Contractual Framework, Multimodality and Mandatory Laws" by Dr Simone Lamont-Black on 16 October 2018
» Parallel Imports And Intellectual Property Rights In Singapore on 16 October 2018
» Amaladass Professorial Lecture: The Admissibility Of Confession Evidence - Reliability, Autonomy, Integrity by Professor Ho Hock Lai on 26 October 2018
» ASLI Seminar Series: Designing An Evaluation Programme for the Court-Annexed Mediation in India by Professor Dr Ruhi Paul on 1 November 2018
» ASLI Seminar Series: India's Proposed Amendment Bill 2018 - A Step Further Towards an Arbitration-Friendly Environment: A Critical Analysis by Associate Professor Vikas H. Gandhi on 1 November 2018
» The International Law on Climate Change: The Sources and Their Interactions, 5 November 2018
» CBFL Seminar Series - The Rule Against Penalties: Resolving Controversies by Mr John Eldridge on 9 November 2018
» ASLI Seminar Series: The Patent Eligibility of Medical Technologies from the Perceptive of Comparative Law by Professor Young-Sun Cho on 9 November 2018
» High Courts And Autocratic Consolidation: The Venezuelan Supreme Court Under Maduro's Role by Assistant Professor Raul Sanchez Urribarria on 9 November 2018
» Introduction to Competition Law (Second Run), 13-15 November 2018
» The Project Finance Academy, 14-16 November 2018
» Provost's Chair Professorial Lecture: Rights, Rites And Regulation: Singapore Public Law In The 21st Century by Professor Thio Li-ann on 21 November 2018
» Special Issue of Climate Law: Legal Assessment of the Paris Agreement’s Implementation Rules (Paris Rulebook) – Call for Expressions of Interest, 24 – 25 January 2019
» 16th ASLI Conference 2019: "The Rule of Law and the Role of Law in Asia", 11-12 June 2019
» Asian Law Junior Faculty Workshop on 13 June 2019
» Call for Papers - Asian Journal of Comparative Law would like to invite submissions for its 2018 Issue.
» Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration
» Continuing Legal Education Auditing Programme