About NUS Law

The National University of Singapore Faculty of Law is widely regarded as Asia’s leading law school. Staffed by an outstanding permanent faculty diverse in origin and qualifications, NUS Law is dedicated to building a vibrant community and creating an environment that facilitates critical thinking and reflection on the fundamental legal issues confronting our interconnected world.

Located in Singapore, which for more than a century has been a commercial hub at the crossroads of Asia, NUS Law is very much Asia’s Global Law School. Since 1957 our curriculum has been infused with perspectives from other jurisdictions and disciplines. This tradition has accelerated in recent years, providing a legal education that is comparative, international, and multi-disciplinary. The Law School hosts many visiting faculty and students from every continent, offering a lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere both inside and outside the classroom.

The strength of the NUS Law curriculum lies in the broad and diverse range of subjects it offers. In addition to a rigorous core curriculum, students can choose electives in areas ranging from Asian legal studies to banking and finance, from public international law to intellectual property, or from arbitration to jurisprudence. The aim is to provide a liberal education that enables our graduates to think critically and creatively, as globally-oriented lawyers with a strong sense of their role in society.

Global, regional, and uniquely Singaporean perspectives on legal issues are all evident in the research produced by our faculty. The professors at NUS Law are not only engaged in a constant search for better legal solutions to the issues that confront all societies, but are also continually challenging accepted wisdom and conventional norms by raising new questions and problems to be confronted. Their work stretches across all aspects of law and appears in the most prestigious journals as well as books published by leading university presses around the world.

Singapore is an ideal place to study or research law, with excellent facilities and infrastructure, cutting edge legal work, and exceptional faculty and students. Singapore epitomizes all that is best in Asia, seamlessly blending old world charm with new age technology. It enjoys a geographical advantage as a natural meeting point between East and West and a perfect entry point to visit and explore Asia.

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Student Profile

Each year, about 240 students graduate from the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Honours programme, which is the standard route to enter the legal profession in Singapore. The majority of students do the LLB programme in four years, but students with a first degree in another discipline are allowed to complete the course in three years. The Faculty also offers a number of double degree programmes combining law and economics, business, public policy and life sciences.  

Admission to the Singapore legal profession is generally limited to the Faculty’s LLB programme graduates. Graduate qualifications (eg LLM, PhD) obtained from the Faculty do not in themselves qualify holders for admission to the legal profession in Singapore.

The Law Faculty currently hosts about 1000 undergraduate and 200 graduate students. Around 10% of the undergraduate students and more than 90% of the graduate students are international students. Our graduate students come from more than 35 countries in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Oceania. Local and overseas students all enjoy a world class education at subsidised fees. Fees are currently being reviewed and may be raised in the near future.