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» Call for Papers - Asian Journal of Comparative Law invites submissions for its 2019 & 2020 Issues.
» Call for legislation to curb fake news on social media
» Stricter exam: Training spots can go to law grads keen to practise
» Changes to Singapore Bar exams draw mixed feelings

obike closes in Singapore: Nuts and bolts of bike-sharing deposits

Op-ed by Sheridan Fellow Jeremiah Lau ’15 in the Straits Times.

» The Asian Journal of Comparative Law (AsJCL) is pleased to announce its publication of Volume 13 (1).

The Limits of Competition Policy

In an op-ed published today by the Straits Times, Sheridan Fellow Kenneth Khoo (Class of 2015) talks about the limits of competition policy.

» Schooling's fame now comes at a price - for advertisers
Op-ed in Sunday Times by Associate Professor David Tan, Vice Dean (Academic Affairs)
» How to level playing field for potential rivals to Grab
Op-ed by NUS Law's Sheridan Fellow Kenneth Khoo (Class of 2015), together with Assistant Professor Yang Nan fron NUS Business School.

No-caning deal for bank robbery suspect: Some justice or zero justice?

The no-caning undertaking involving suspected bank robber David Roach has sparked questions on whether Singapore did right to agree to the British condition for extradition. Assistant Professor Jaclyn Neo '03 and Adjunct Professor Kevin Tan '86 share their views in this Straits Time Article.

» The Asian Journal of Comparative Law (AsJCL) is pleased to announce its publication of Volume 12 (2).

Increase in sentencing guidelines set recently

Law lecturer Benny Tan ’12 quoted in this article by the Straits Times.


Privacy and our digital selves

An Op-Ed by Dean Simon Chesterman in the Straits Times. Five years after Singapore first adopted laws on personal data protection, the pace of the digital revolution shows no sign of slowing. Important amendments are now being considered, with the public asked to submit their views by Sept 21.


CJ lauds legal publishing arm for 'great strides'

Professor Jeffrey Pinsler receives the inaugural Academy Publishing Award. This article by Straits Times also features a quote by Assoc Prof Eleanor Wong ’85


THE BIG READ: In an era of fake news, the truth may not always be out there

Around the world, policymakers are cracking their heads over the scourge of fake news. Consumers themselves are worried, as recent international and domestic surveys show. The TODAY article features a quote by Assoc Prof David Tan, Vice Dean (Academic Affairs)


Don't Study Law

In this article by Dean Simon Chesterman for the Straits Times, he writes to his younger self at age 18, during the year he spent studying Chinese at the Beijing No. 2 Foreign Languages Institute before returning to start university in Australia.


8 charged under Singapore's human trafficking laws since 2015

Professor Kumaralingam Amirthalingam is interviewed by Channel NewsAsia in this feature on Singapore’s human trafficking laws.

» The Asian Journal of Comparative Law (AsJCL) is pleased to announce its publication of Volume 12 (1).
This Issue focuses on fascinating legal issues in China, India, and ASEAN.
» Associate Professor David Tan’s article “Any Risk Will Do – The New Law on Scandalising Contempt in Singapore” in The Singapore Law Gazette, September 2016
» Copyright fair use: Are we 'future-ready'?
Associate Professor David Tan, Vice Dean (Academic Affairs) shares his thoughts on reform of fair use under copyright law in Singapore in this Straits Times article.

What Asean did right

This was an article contribution by Associate Professor Simon Tay from NUS Law, who is also the Chairman of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, in which he discussed Asean’s joint statement on the South China Sea issue. Assoc Prof Tay opined that Asean reached a good compromise in a difficult situation and the approach it took is not a signal of failure, but rather a balance between many different considerations.

» Peace at sea – With the rule of law and political will, every dispute, including those in the South China Sea, can be resolved. Professor Tommy Koh shares his opinion in the Straits Times.
» Constitutional Commission hearing on elected presidency: Submission by Jaclyn Neo and Swati Jhaveri – Straits Times feature on the submission and presentation.
» Bridging gap with migrant workers – Straits Times feature on Migrant Workers’ Week 2016 at NUS.
» Mindef course trains defending officers who represent court-martialled personnel – Article highlights the efforts of the Military Justice Project
» SEA budget carriers get a fillip from open sky policy - CNBC speaks to Professor Alan Tan at their studios.
» Part 1: Associate Professor Wang Jiangyu was interviewed by Channel 8’s Focus programme on Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet last month near the Turkish-Syrian border and the implications of this event on international law and international relations.
» Part 2: Associate Professor Wang Jiangyu was interviewed by Channel 8’s Focus programme on Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet last month near the Turkish-Syrian border and the implications of this event on international law and international relations.
» Prof Alan Tan ’93 interviewed on Channel News Asia’s Insight programme on the Indonesian haze pollution crisis
» The haze, international law and global cooperation - Straits Times invites Professor S.Jayakumar and Professor Tommy Koh to share their thoughts on the situation.

Ten reflections on GE 2015 – In an op-ed published by the Straits Times, Prof Tommy Koh shares that response to voter concerns, election strategy among the factors that helped PAP win big.


Liberal reflections on loss and acceptance in GE2015 – Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Associate Professor Eleanor Wong, shares her thoughts on the elections in this op-ed published by Straits Times.


NUS don Jaclyn Neo is law firm WongPartnership's judicial review adviser


Society should be more forgiving of bankrupts - An op-ed by Dean Simon Chesterman in the Straits Times

» NUS law students win inaugural Herbert Smith Freehills competition law Moot Competition, with sponsorship from the Competition Commission of Singapore
» US Polo Association scores win against Polo Ralph Lauren in legal fight here over trademarks – Prof Ng-Loy Wee Loon and Assoc Prof David Tan quoted in Straits Times
» NUS Law Associate Professor Wang Jiangyu Envisages Three Possible Outcomes for Hong Kong’s Political Future
» NUS and NTU among top 4 Asian universities ranked by London education consultancy Quacquarelli Symonds
» The Asian way to settle disputesAn op-ed by Prof Tommy Koh ’61 published in the Straits Times.
» Singapore Constitution not set in stone: A-G
» Yale law professor to join NUS
» Body-worn cameras to monitor citizen and surveillance state - Op-ed by Dean Simon Chesterman published in the Straits Times
» Overt religious persecution in 8 of 10 ASEAN states: Coverage in the Today paper highlighting research by Asst Prof Jaclyn Neo
» NUS Law Students probe claims of wrongful conviction (Straits Times)
» Faith and Peace a Good Mix for Asean Stability – Features “Keeping the Faith: A Study of Freedom of Thought, Conscience, and Religion in Asean”, a report led by Asst Prof Jaclyn Neo ’03
» Professor Walter Woon joins RHTLaw Taylor Wessing as non-executive chairman and senior consultant
» AirAsia disaster's lasting effects - Op-ed by Professor Alan Tan ’93 for CNN
» Lessons on the use of torture - Op-ed by Dean Simon Chesterman published in the Straits Times
» Prof with soft spot for kids in trouble – Feature on Assoc Prof Chan Wing Cheong
» APEC set to launch study on China-backed free trade area – Assoc Prof Wang Jiangyu shares his opinion.
» The Flying Factory – Assoc Prof Simon Tay ’86 talks about Asian economic interdependence and China.
» New professional body to govern mediation standards in Singapore
» Too many lawyers? Or too few? – An Op-Ed by Dean Simon Chesterman published in the Straits Times
» Asia’s Ambivalence Towards International Law
- A Conversation with Professor Simon Chesterman, Dean of the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law.
» Maintenance not a reward for spousal sacrifice- Op-ed by Assoc Prof Debbie Ong
» Prof Alan Tan ’93 comments in the South China Morning Post on the Cathay vs. Jetstar saga and Hong Kong’s hard decision on joint venture airlines
» Prof Simon Tay discusses the widespread street protests in recent years
» Prof Alan Tan ’93 on how anti-haze laws ‘could spur on-the-ground enforcement in Indonesia’
» Asst Prof Goh Yihan ’06 shares his views in ST’s ‘Proposed anti-harassment law to cover online bullying’
» Assoc Prof Burton Ong ’89 shares his view on the proposed new law that will hold companies or other entities liable for causing haze that affects Singapore
» NUS revamps Law course to broaden knowledge, skills
» Protecting and sharing personal data- Op ed by Dean Simon Chesterman
» Professor Ho Hock Lai '89 shares his views on an accused person's right to a lawyer in Singapore with ST readers
» Emeritus Prof Koh Kheng-Lian receives the 2012 Elizabeth Haub Prize for Environmental Law
» NUS Law establishes Sheridan Fellowship to develop next generation of experts in Singapore Law
» NUS Law professor and alumnus Michael Hor to be Dean of University of Hong Kong law school
» International Law and the Rise of Asia -- Op-ed by Dean Simon Chesterman
» Regional trade agreements complementary to multilateral trade system: Lee Yi Shyan
» When copying is not infringing- Op-ed by Assoc Prof David Tan
» Copyright has role in promoting creativity- Forum letter by Assoc Prof David Tan
» Criticise a minister but don't sling mud: Minister K.Shanmugam ’84
» Law students take to pro bono work
» Single entity can help channel healthy pay-TV competition- Op-ed by Assoc Prof Burton Ong ’99
» Getting used to a surveillance society – Op-ed by Dean Simon Chesterman
» The lawyer and his vision for Singapore- Op-ed by Dean Simon Chesterman
» Third law school: Problems to consider - Op-ed by Assoc Prof Burton Ong ’99
» NUS Law Graduates Preferred by Employers
» Safeguarding free speech and confidence in judiciary: Op-ed by Assoc Prof David Tan
» Riding the internet wave: Op-ed by Dean Simon Chesterman
» The Ten Cyberspace Commandments: Op-ed by Assoc Prof David Tan
» Annual Lunch – NUS Law and Judiciary on 13 March 2013
» NUS Law goes for better student mix: Straits Times article features interview with Dean Simon Chesterman
» Why Study by Dean Simon Chesterman
» He went from jail to NUS law school
» Building culture of respect online- op-ed by Prof Tan Cheng Han Building Culture of Respect Online: Prof Tan Cheng Han '87
» Climate change: What do we owe the future- Op-ed by Dean Simon Chesterman
» Asst Prof Goh Yihan ‘06 appears as Amicus Curiae before Court of Appeal
» Dean Simon Chesterman on educating tomorrow's lawyers
» AG Steven Chong '82 on boosting expertise in arbitration
» New publication- ASEAN Environmental Law, Policy and Governance: Selected Document
» New publication- Piracy and International Maritime Crimes in ASEAN: Prospects for Cooperation
» A step forward for self-regulation online: Op-ed by Prof. Tan Cheng Han '87
» Personal data: How best to protect kids online: Op-ed by Prof. Tan Cheng Han '87
» Who will decide on his behalf- op-ed by Assoc Prof Tang Hang Wu
» David Tan promoted to Associate Professor
» First Alternative Dispute Resolution – Assoc Prof Joel Lee Quoted In Discussion
» Fee guides: Focus on patients, real charges – Op-ed by Assoc Prof Burton Ong
» Bookends – Interview with Prof Walter Woon’81 from NUS Law on his current reads
» Law schools debate on pro bono work
» Is Germany China's new best friend? - Associate Prof Wang Jiangyu of NUS Law quoted in commentary


Archived Featured News

» CJ Chan Sek Keong'61, 'a champion of good judicial sense'
» Sundaresh Menon'86 a fitting choice, say top lawyers
» Sundaresh Menon'86 to be new Chief Justice
» Forum on death penalty reveals misconceptions - NUS Law's Prof Walter Woon featured on panel of speakers
» Snowplough Parenting: Hurdles in childhood give good training - Invited editorial by Professor Simon Chesterman, Dean of the Faculty of Law
» South China Sea Disputes: What states should do to clarify claims – An op-ed by NUS Law's Associate Professor Robert Beckman
» Regulating Internet 'not the solution' - Interview of Prof Tan Cheng Han in Straits Times
» Prof Tan Cheng Han’87 Heads Media Literacy Council
» NUS Law Student’s Presentation On Corruption Research Takes Top Prize
» NUS Law: Champions Of International Negotiation Competition 2012
» NUS is 1st University in APAC to host Biennial Conference on International Economic Law
» NUS Law in the World’s Top Ten Schools
» Can You Keep A Secret? – An op-ed by Professor Simon Chesterman, Dean of the Faculty of Law
» NUS Law Congratulates Asst Prof Dan Puchniak & Assoc Prof Michael Ewing-Chow On Their Latest Publication
» Changes in Appeal Court, A-G Chambers (Justice Steven Chong SC ’82 and A-G Sundaresh Menon SC ’86)
» The Roger Fisher prize in Negotiation
» Japan honours former NUS Law Dean, Prof. S. Jayakumar '63.
» Not paid for work but it’s worth it
» NUS awards pay tribute to Mrs Lee
» Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee returns to alma mater as Associate Professorial Fellow
» NUS Law Dean, Prof Simon Chesterman participates in CNA debate
» Assistant Professor Dan W. Puchniak receives the University’s Annual Teaching Excellence Award
» Law students Marcus Lim and Andre Tan win Group Trophy Award at the Student Achievement Awards 2012
» Steven Dejong LLM ’12 wins International Aviation Writing Award
» Assistant Professor Dan W. Puchniak wins prize for best paper at the annual Australian Corporate Law Teachers Association conference
» NUS Law establishes new Centre for Asian Legal Studies
» NUS Law joins as USP’s 7th Partner
» Law School partners Tsinghua University in degree programmes
» NUS Law in Financial Times listing for having one of the top LLM programmes
» Post-Doctoral Fellows AY2012-2013
» Prof Simon Chesterman designated as next Dean of NUS Law School
» Launch of Singapore WTO Chairs Programme and Inaugural WTO Policy Dialogue for Senior Government Officials from Asian Economies
» Jayakumar returns to NUS law faculty
» Top Cambridge don takes up NUS post
» NUS Team Came Out Tops in International Law Student Competition
» Visiting Staff in Sem 1 AY 2011-2012
» Raggers score historic win
» NUS and SMU pay tribute to the late Mdm Kwa Geok Choo
» NUS Faculty of Law ranked 1st in Asia and 24th in the world by QS World University Rankings
» An education that changes lives
» Associate Professor Lee Tye Beng Joel receives Oustanding Educator Award
» Beacon of change- NUS Admissions Advertisement
» Three Faculty Members awarded the University’s Annual Teaching Excellence Award
» NUS team argues its way to Jessup Moot Court contest
» NUS, Boston varsity in law degree tie-up
» Launch of Inaugural issue of Asian Journal of International Law
» S'pore's 1st law class 50 years on
» Launch of Tan Sook Yee Prize in Property Law
» NUS Faculty of Law Establishes Lionel A. Sheridan Professorship in Honour of Founding Dean
» Donate to Lionel A. Sheridan Professorship Fund
» Academic Positions at NUS Faculty of Law
» Teaching Assistant Goh Yihan selected as amicus curiae
» NUS Law Faculty Launches Clinical Legal Education to promote hands-on learning and inculcate pro bono spirit in students
» Launch of Geoffrey Bartholomew Professorship
» Final WTO Regional Trade Policy Course at NUS concludes
» Team NUS wins prestigious Richard R. Baxter prize at the Jessup Moots
» NUS Maritime Mooting Team wins the 11th International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot
» The Honourable the Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong '61 LLD '10 conferred Honorary Doctor of Laws
» Prof Simon Chesterman receives the University's Young Researcher Award
» NUS Faculty of Law hosts its fourth and final WTO Regional Trade Policy Course
» Professor Walter Woon appointed David Marshall Professor
» Team NUS wins the Asia Pacific Regional Finals of the Manfred Lachs Space Moots Competition
» Temasek Foundation's Asian Legal Education Initiative headed by NUS Faculty of Law kicks off Phase II in Kuala Lumpur
» NUS Law in Financial Times listing of LLM programmes
» AG Walter Woon '81 to step down and return to NUS Law
» NUS Faculty of Law congratulates our alumni Sundaresh Menon, SC '86 on his appointment as Attorney-General of Singapore
» NUS Receives S$1 million Gift for Scholarships, Bursaries and Loans for Law Students
» Professor Tan Cheng Han to serve a fourth term as Dean of NUS Faculty of Law
» NUS launches the Lo Hwei Yen memorial scholarship
» NUS Law has gone global, with dean's help
» Class of 2009 graduates
» Asian Law Deans Meet For Inaugural Forum
» NUS Faculty of Law to become a member of Association of Transnational Law Schools (ATLAS)
» Lawyer's friend gives $1m in his name
» NUS Faculty of Law is founding member of the Center for Transnational Legal Studies
» NUS Law in Financial Times Survey of 49 Leading LLM Programmes
» NUS Team wins The Copenhagen Competition: Protocol on Climate Change
» Team from NUS victorious in the 4th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition
» NUS Law students chalk up wins at prestigious international mooting competitions
» NUS and NYU partnership offers unprecedented Bachelors and Masters Law degrees in four years
» NUS and NYU launch the Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor dual degree programme
» First poly grad blazes trail to NYU


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