Graduate Programme

NUS Law’s Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) enables you to further enhance your knowledge and develop new skills. There are specialised programmes designed to cater to specific areas of expertise. Even if you opt for an LL.M. without specialisation, you can also customise your LL.M. programme by choosing from a kaleidoscope of over 100 modules.

Pursuing an education at NUS Law has proven to be a popular option for international law students. Not only will you gain a higher degree from one of the top law schools in the world, you will also meet members of the law fraternity from other countries, and forge long-term friendships and professional connections.

"The highlight of my experience at NUS would most certainly be the opportunity to receive an education in law. Equally meaningful was the exposure to the colours, cultures and cuisines different from mine. Adapting and adopting as I stewed in the cultural melting pot, interacting with teachers and students from far-off lands. I keep in touch with my new acquaintances, both professionally and personally. Which better institution than NUS, and which better country than Singapore to truly experience all that."

Dhruv Goel ‘12, LL.M. (Intellectual Property & Technology Law)

(Dhruv Goel, seated on the left, with a fellow schoolmate)

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