Learning about International Bridges to Justice

Ms Karen Tse, founder and CEO for the International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) held a seminar on 16 August 2013 to speak about the organisation, the work she is actively involved in and the struggles she faced defending human rights causes.

Addressing the issue of torture, she spoke of how it is often being used in third world countries to coerce confessions and expedite the investigative process. She also recounted incidents of abuse while in detention, and how some had to suffer for months or years before they could have their cases heard in court.

IBJ provides these people with legal access and eliminates incidences of torture through early access to a counsel. Establishing pilot programmes in countries such as Cambodia, Burundi, China, India, Rwanda and Zimbabwe, the organisation conducts trainings and workshops for legal professionals.

Ms Clara Feng, the Legal and Development Manager for IBJ Singapore then talked about her journey and how she got to work at IBJ. Giving advice to the students, she answered some of the questions posed by the attendees who were eager to learn more about internship opportunities at IBJ. Lending further insights, Ms Tse also shared some of her experiences as a student.

Having gotten a better understanding of the International Bridges to Justice, this seminar certainly helps students make a more informed decision when it comes to pursuing a career or internship in this area of practice. The largely interactive discussion ended when everybody gathered together with our lovely guest speakers as they held their NUS gift bags for the camera.