NUS Law professor and alumnus Michael Hor ’84 to be Dean of University of Hong Kong law school

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Law congratulates Professor Michael Hor Yew Meng, currently a full-time professor with the law school, on his appointment as the next Dean of the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law. Prof Hor, who is also an NUS alumnus, will assume his new position with effect from July 2014.

“This is a bittersweet moment for NUS Law. Michael is a tremendous colleague and has contributed greatly through his research and a generation of students whom he has educated and mentored. We will be very sorry to see him go. But at the same time, we are proud that he has been chosen to take on these new responsibilities and wish him all success in his new role,” said Professor Simon Chesterman, Dean of the NUS Faculty of Law.

Prof Hor specialises in a variety of areas within Criminal Law. During his career at NUS Law, Prof Hor has been involved in the different aspects of enhancing education within the law school, and is currently part of the Faculty Curriculum Committee, which looks into the modules offered. He has also been active in law publishing, serving as Chief Editor of the Singapore Journal of Legal Studies, Member of the Editorial Committee of the Singapore Academy of Law Journal, and Member of the Advisory Committee of the Singapore Law Review.

"It cannot be an easy decision to leave an institution which I have been a part of, first as a student and then as a teacher, for most of my 34 years in Singapore. But, at the end of the day, I thought I should follow a piece of advice I sometimes give my students - always choose the untrodden and challenging paths over the familiar and comfortable ones. Life is too short for any other option," said Prof Michael Hor.

Prof Hor graduated from NUS Law in 1984, and furthered his law education at University of Oxford and University of Chicago. Prior to joining NUS Law in 1988, Prof Hor was in the Singapore Legal Service administering insolvencies and other forms of justice.

Members of the criminal law teaching team seated from left: Prof Michael Hor, Prof Stanley Yeo, Assoc Prof Chan Wing Cheong and Asst Prof Sundram Soosay.