The Torts Team

One of the compulsory subjects that form the foundation of an education in law is the subject Law of Torts. Scheduled for a run in the first semester of each academic year, this course forms the foundation for the study of law, and it enables students to understand the basic concepts underpinning torts, which deals with the rights and obligations of private parties arising out of civil wrongs.

Students will gain an insight into the subject with in-depth study of the modern tort of negligence, as well as considering the related tort of nuisance. It will also cover the intentional torts, vicarious liability and remedies.

The Law of Torts will be convened by Assoc Prof David Tan in AY2013/2014, and co-teachers of the course include Prof Leong Wai Kum, Assoc Prof Kaan Sheung-Hung, Terry, Assoc Prof Margaret A Fordham, Assoc Prof Debbie Ong, Asst Prof Goh Yihan and Asst Prof Swati Jhaveri.

Some recent research publications by members of the team on this subject, include:

Assoc Prof Margaret A Fordham
"Stop! I Want to Get Out! - The joint illegal enterprise which ceased to be" (2012) Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 165

"The Role of Contributory Negligence in Claims for Assault and Battery" (2012) Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 21

"A new era in employer liability in negligence" (2010) Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 1

"Saving us from ourselves - The duty of care in negligence to prevent self-inflicted harm" (2010) 18 Torts Law Journal 1

Asst Prof Goh Yihan
"Imbree v McNeilly: A View from Singapore" (2009) Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 283

"Tort Law in the Face of Land Scarcity in Singapore" (2009) 26 Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law 335

"Duty of Care in Psychiatric Harm in Singapore" (2008) 124 Law Quarterly Review 539

Assoc Prof Terry Kaan
"Legal Aspects of the Role of the Family in the Care of Elderly Patients" (2001) 11 Asia-Pacific Journal of Social Work 106

"Law of Torts - A Discussion on the Recent Developments in the Law of" in Teo Keang Sood (ed), Developments in Singapore Law Between 2001 and 2005 (Singapore Academy of Law, 2006)

Prof Leong Wai Kum
"Law of Torts" in H W Tang & M Hor (eds), Reading Law in Singapore (LexisNexis, 2009)

Assoc Prof David Tan
"A Sufficiently Close Relationship Akin to Employment" (2013) 129 Law Quarterly Review 30

‘The Salient Features of Proximity: Examining the Spandeck Formulation for Establishing a Duty of Care’ (2010) Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 459

(From left to right: Assoc Prof David Tan, Assoc Prof Margaret Fordham, Assoc Prof Terry Kaan and Assoc Prof Debbie Ong)

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