Framing Intellectual Property Conference Attracts Top Legal Minds

The Centre for Law & Business (CLB) organized its inaugural intellectual property law conference titled Framing Intellectual Property Law in the 21st Century – Integrating Incentives, Trade, Development, Culture and Human Rights from 14 – 15 August 2014 at the Orchard Hotel Singapore.

This public conference is part of a research project that brings together leading scholars to consider how intellectual property law (IP) should be framed in the 21st century. Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, the research papers focused on how best to integrate five distinct (and sometimes fragmented) themes of incentive, trade, development, culture and human rights as part of a forthcoming book project, which will be co-edited by Professor Rochelle Dreyfuss, Co-Director of the Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy at the New York University School of Law, and Associate Professor Elizabeth Siew-Kuan Ng, Director of Intellectual Property at CLB.

Professor Simon Chesterman, Dean of the NUS Faculty of Law, addressed participants at the conference in his welcome speech. This was followed by the opening address of the Guest-of-Honour, Ms Indranee Rajah, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Law and the Ministry of Education.

The keynote speech was delivered by Mr Tan Yih San, Chief Executive, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, on the second day of the conference. CE Tan highlighted that the domestic dynamics in different countries will affect the international intellectual property landscape and examined some possible considerations in terms of policy anchors for Singapore.

The conference was attended by more than 120 distinguished speakers and participants from 12 countries.

More information about the conference can be found here.

Professor Tan Cheng Han , SC,’87, Chairman, Centre for Law & Business

Associate Professor Elizabeth Siew-Kuan Ng, Director of Intellectual Property, Centre for Law & Business

Professor Christopher Sprigman

Professor Jerome Reichman

Professor Susy Frankel

Panel discussion on “IP As Trade” – From left to right: Professor Jerome Reichman, Mr Tony Yeo, Professor Graeme Dinwoodie, Professor Annette Kur, and Mr Daren Tang.

Professor Ruth Okediji

Professor Graeme Austin

Professor Graeme Dinwoodie

Professor Jerome Reichman

Associate Professor David Tan

From left to right: Professor Graeme Austin, Professor Ruth Okediji and Mr Alban Kang

Professor Christopher Sprigman

Professor Annette Kur

From left to right: Professor Graeme Dinwoodie, Professor Annette Kur, Mr Marco Aleman, Professor Graeme Austin, Professor Rochelle Dreyfuss, Professor Susy Frankel, Associate Professor Albert Hu, Mr Tan Tee Jim, SC, ’79, Associate Professor Elizabeth Siew-Kuan Ng, Professor Ruth Okediji and Professor Jerome Reichman.