NUS Law welcomes Visiting Professors - Feb 2016

From left: Assistant Professor Chen Jianlin, Associate Professor David White, Associate Professor Freya Baetans, Professor Bruce Aronson, Professor Roger Zäch, Professor Franco Ferrari

Chen Jianlin (Topics in Law & Economics)

Visiting Senior Fellow


Mr Chen is an Assistant Professor of Law in the University of Hong Kong. He obtained his LLB from National University of Singapore and LLM from University of Chicago. He is currently completing his JSD at the University of Chicago. He is qualified to practice in Singapore and New York.


His publications’ diverse research areas of corporate law, securities regulations, insurance law, government procurement, natural resources management, historical conservation law, eminent domain, tax law, culture wars, law & religion is united by his research agenda of drawing on a combination of comparative perspectives and economic analysis to critically examine the unarticulated jurisprudential assumptions inherent in many areas of legal discourse. He teaches Economic Analysis of Law, Business Associations, Commercial Law, Guided Research and Contract.


David Ian White (Comparative GST Law & Policy)

Visiting Associate Professor


Dr White is an Associate Professor at the School of Accounting and Commercial Law, Victoria University of Wellington. He has primary responsibility for the taxation research agenda of the Centre for Accounting, Governance and Taxation Research. He has been a member of the Centre’s Advisory Board since it was established in May 2001. He is a member of the Executive of the School of Accounting and Commercial Law.


Dr White specialises in teaching and researching taxation. He is a Fellow of the Taxation Law and Policy Research Institute, Monash University, Melbourne and an International Research Fellow of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, London. His current areas of research interest include tax policy, the tax policy and law reform process, goods and services tax, international income taxation, and tax, trade and investment law in the Asia-Pacific region.


Freya Baetens (International Institutional Law)

Visiting Associate Professor


Dr Freya Baetens is Associate Professor of Law, Director of Studies at Leiden University College (LUC) and Head of the LUC Research Centre at Leiden University and a Visiting Professor at the World Trade Institute (WTI) in Berne. She is also an Associate Professor at the Europa Institute of the Leiden Law School.


Dr Freya Baetens obtained her Ph.D. degree from the University of Cambridge as a W.M. Tapp scholar, Honourary European Trust fellow and Cambridge European Society Fellow, as well as a Research Fellow of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg.



Bruce Edward Aronson (Comparative Corporate Governance)

Visiting Professor


Professor Aronson was a corporate partner at the law firm of Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP in New York (1989-2000) and a professor of law at Creighton University (2004-2013). He has also engaged in research and teaching at a number of U.S. law schools including Columbia (2002-2004), Michigan (2004), Boston University, and Georgetown. His experience in Japan includes research at the University of Tokyo (Fulbright, 2000-2002, 2004), the Bank of Japan (2010), and Waseda University (Fulbright, 2011-2013). His main area of research is comparative corporate governance with a focus on Japan. He also acts as an advisor to the law firm of Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu. Professor Aronson joined ICS in 2013 and is admitted to practice in New York.


Roger Zäch (European & International Competition Law)

Visiting Professor


Roger Zäch is a Professor of Law in the Zurich University School of Law. He obtained his PhD from Gevena University School of Law. He is currently the President of postgraduate program “LL.M. – International Business Law” of the Zurich University. His research interests are in the area of Private Law, Swiss and European Business and Competition Law, and Philosophy of Law.


Franco Ferrari (International & Comparative Law of Sale)

Visiting Professor


Franco Ferrari is a Professor of Law and Director for the Center for Transnational Litigation, Arbitration and Commercial Law, New York University School of Law. His research interests are in the area of Comparative Law, Conflict of Laws, Forum shopping, International Commercial Arbitration and International Commercial Law.