9th Annual Dentons Rodyk Moots

NUS Law congratulates Phillip Teh '20, Joel Sherard '20, Darren Sim '20, Fiona Ng '20, and Stanley Tan '20 for participating in the 9th annual Dentons Rodyk Moots.

The Dentons Rodyk Moots 2017 is a moot competition held by global law firm Dentons Rodyk for the top five mooters in the first-year module of Legal Analysis, Research, and Communications.

This year, the competition consisted of each participant presenting their submissions for an assigned problem. Problems included statutory interpretation of the Limitations Act, to a struggle for the care and control of a five-year-old child wise beyond her age, and even a sexual harassment claim against inappropriate company events. The competition was judged by a distinguished panel comprising Senior Partners from Dentons Rodyk, Justice Lawrence Teh and Kirindeep Singh, with presiding judge, The Honourable Justice Kannan Ramesh '90.

The five rounds of submissions were intense, with pertinent and insightful questions by the judges skillfully answered by the participants. Eventually, Darren Sim emerged as champion, Phillip Teh as first runner up, Joel Sherard as second runner up, and Fiona Ng and Stanley Tan each earning a merit prize. The participants displayed commendable effort – earning praise from the judges for the high standards of advocacy and courtroom etiquette displayed by first year law students

The event was followed by the "I Survived the First Year" BBQ and Beer Party. The freshmen were treated to an evening of delicious food and drinks courtesy of Dentons Rodyk's generosity.