Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony 2017

NUS Law welcomed its 60th intake of first year students at this year's Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony, which took place on 7 August.


Dean Simon Chesterman started off by reminding the freshman of the Faculty’s illustrious history as 2017 marks the 60th Anniversary of the first intake of law students at NUS Law. He also urged students not to panic as they acquainted themselves with the rigours and challenges of law school. The Dean encouraged them to take the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and to make full use of their time at NUS Law, for both academic and personal development.


Mr Darren Tan '13, who is currently an Associate at TSMP Law Corporation, was the guest speaker at the event. Darren inspired the freshman class with his story of he went from inmate to law student and then on to a successful career as a lawyer. He spoke frankly and talked about his struggles at law school including limited computing and English language skills, and how he overcame them with his resilience and with support from the faculty.


"I still remember an incident during my first semester which almost made me want to give it all up. There had been a last-minute change of venue of a class and I wasn’t aware of it. I entered into an empty classroom and I panicked. I didn’t know whom to turn to. I began to search all the classrooms, starting from the first level. Then the sole of one of my shoes came off. I was wearing a pair of four- year old sneakers. As I dragged the sole along and continued my search, I tried to convince myself that no one was looking at me. And it struck me then that I should just go home to avoid the shame. Fortunately, I didn’t have money to take a taxi home. The upshot is that I did eventually find my class. I did not look back from that point on."


Closing his speech, Darren told the freshmen, “So as you embark on this journey, I say be bold, stay hopeful, and most of all, especially if you have the practice of law in mind, enjoy every moment of Law School while it lasts.” (Click here for Darren’s full speech.)


The freshmen later heard from Lee Yew Boon ’19, Vice President of Law Club, who talked to students about the many services and activities available to students.


We wish all freshmen a rich and fulfilling learning experience with NUS Law!