NUS Law hosts Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Counterparts

L-R (Top row): Associate Professor Arif Jamal, Professor Thio Li-ann, Ms Gisela Elsner, Dr Alexander Tischbirek, Fabian Wittmer, Dr Gabriele Spina Ali and Dr Otmar OehringL-R (Bottom row): Professor Christian Waldhoff, Associate Professor Jaclyn Neo ’03, Dr. Matthias Rossbach, Adjunct Professor Kevin Tan ’86 and Associate Professor Noor Aisha Bte Abdul Rahman ‘84

In a follow-up to a comparative workshop in Berlin held in June earlier this year, NUS Law hosted their Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) counterparts in Singapore on 2 November 2018.
This second workshop builds on the work of the first in advancing comparative scholarship and intellectual cooperation on the theme of Solidarity in Diversity: State Responses to Religious Diversity in Germany and Singapore.

The NUS Law team were led by Associate Professor Jaclyn Neo ’03 (Principal Investigator), Professor Thio Li-ann (Co-Principal Investigator), Associate Professor Arif Jamal, Adjunct Professor Kevin Tan ’86, and Associate Professor Noor Aisha Bte Abdul Rahman ’84.

Representing HU were Dr Matthias Rossbach (Principal Investigator), Professor Christian Waldhoff (Co-Principal Investigator), Dr Alexander Tischbirek, Dr Amandine Barb and Fabian Wittmer.

The workshops are part of a HU-NUS Joint Project, funded under a competitive university-wide research grant aimed at fostering new collaborative initiatives in research between Germany and Singapore. This particular project interrogates similarities, divergences, as well as points of learning between the Singapore and Germany approaches to religious diversity.

The papers presented at both the Berlin and Singapore workshop approach these questions from an inter-disciplinary and methodologically diverse perspectives. Going forward, it is anticipated that the papers will be published as part of a special issue of a journal.

Welcome address by Principal Investigators Associate Professor Jaclyn Neo ’03 and Dr Matthias Rossbach

Comments from Co-Principal Investigator Professor Christian Waldhoff

Professor Thio Li-ann presenting her paper on “Irreducible Plurality, Indivisible Unity: Singapore Relational Constitutionalism and Cultivating Harmony through Constructing a Constitutional Civil Religion”

Adjunct Professor Kevin Tan ’86

L-R: Associate Professor Noor Aisha Bte Abdul Rahman ’84 and Associate Professor Arif Jamal

Dr Alexander Tischbirek